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Surveillance 24/7

— It is said that all the equipment from cameras — laptops, tablets, phones — is watching us, shoots photos and videos whenever she wants to. Is this true?

Yes. No wonder mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is technically very advanced people, stick the camera on his laptop with duct tape and started doing this 7 years ago! Your phone always listens, always knows your location, and constantly looking into the camera at you — even when seemingly inactive. The phone knows if the picture was taken in my pocket and the screen is dark. Images with faces, people, some situations, the devices are sent to the “Central server” — who are the beneficiaries of this information, we can only speculate… data from devices with Android OS have access to not only phone manufacturers but also the NSA, which is the owner of the OS is obliged to give the data according to the law.

— So, you need to turn the phone off when not in use?

— It does not help. We must understand that the channels of surveillance a lot. You should try not to do anything incriminating. Because even if you think that the phone is off, not the fact that it is so. Guarantee off — removal of the battery from the machine. Almost all modern phones have non-removable battery. The shutdown is not all that simple: the device can proigryvat animations off and dim the screen but stay active. There is another option how to complicate surveillance — buy “babushkofon” like the Nokia 6610 and not to use smartphones.

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— You’re a known expert in the field of digital security — show, and what phone at you?

I’m no expert, sorry. I’ve got one of the latest Korean smartphones. And the camera is not sealed, look. Wiretapping and surveillance poses an immediate risk to people who are dealing with some secrets. Officials, representatives of special services, businessmen and criminals. Servers also collect arrays of data, not picking out the specifically me as a person (yet). Most likely, the manufacturer of the phone and the NSA do not follow the UPS and downs of my personal life. In any case, I try not to use the phone in specific situations: negotiations, sauna, bedroom, etc.

— That is, be afraid that somebody’s wife finds out about the betrayal because my husband is watching the phone not worth it?

— Well, my wife normally does not have access to the data that the smartphone was sent to the United States. Easier Wife to take her husband’s smart phone and read what and who he’s texting. But those intelligence agencies who collect the data to blackmail the husband, of course, possible. If the husband is worth it (he’s a big shot, for example)

Encryption not working?

Say, messaging apps (Telegram, Votsap, Viber — ed.) encode information — and unlike SMS and email, they are safer. Is that so?

I’m not sure. No one can know for certain. It’s the marketing. How safe is the encryption algorithm, whose servers and in what form has your correspondence? A simple example: I know that public mail (e.g., Google) “reads” the content of your emails? She offers you is what was discussed in the letters. And Google is legally obliged to give data exploration. Similar to the way all communication services: of course, reading is not real people, and artificial intelligence with linguistic analysis. And operating system Windows 10 in the original supply has a built-in Keylogger that all of your keystrokes and sends to Microsoft.

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Take care of children

— A spread in social networks photos of children, noted their location — how safe is it?

Our family had this experience — the wife of a kidnapped son. All and Sundry, then reported that he laid out everything about himself in social networks. And although it was not so, and son was taken on a tip, we to information on children in the digital space are extremely nervous, and daughters, such is not allowable. If it is possible to see how our children are and where they are means, then they can be learn on the street, in the Park, the sandbox.

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— In social networks share constantly tests: what you’ll be old, what you’re a dog… In this case to get the result you want to provide access to profile data. Is it safe?

— Deflate the public profile and external programs. The danger of tests, in my opinion, in the other. This massive training people, coaching them on doing something for the team. The mechanism is simple: most people do not have enough attention to yourself, and then say that you are a talented cook or look like a celebrity. Nice! What animal are you, who were you in a past life — a million stupid results, which I share with friends. The training is precisely to “share”. The same sense flash mobs: water, or write how you were raped. So train the mindless mass behavior like lemmings. I say I do: everyone ran, and I ran. Whoever collects massive data sets note: these users tend to be in massive action. Such work is, in fact, in “groups of death” (which is not the most terrible, that now is in the network). Trained the masses of people can throw the task more difficult, and they are willing to execute them.

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You said there’s something worse than “groups of death”. What?

band thug passion AUE, group of romanticizing of school shootings (in English “sculpting”). In fact, here’s cybersecurity should care about the family and the state in the first place. When the password has been stolen — it’s not so bad. But when they stole the brain is much worse. Manipulators in the network now and they are becoming more sophisticated. Check what you do online your children, in which groups with km they communicate what tasks are performing — it might just save their life.

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