Experts warned of a possible jump in gasoline prices

The traders urged the FAS to draw attention to the crisis in the fuel market. For information analysts, in the coming months, retail gasoline prices could rise by five cents per liter.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

The wholesale price of gasoline at the St. Petersburg international commodity exchange on 28 March reached its historical maximum for the trading period starting in 2012, according to RBC with reference to the statement of the “Council of commodity markets”, which brings together traders of petroleum products.

In this regard, SPTR expresses its concern about the policy of major players, which reduce the supply of fuel to the stock market. Thus they create an artificial shortage and trigger the increase of prices in the stock market and gas station, and for consumers.

In addition, manufacturers accumulated stocks of gasoline on 1 April to be ready for the period of the shutdown of oil refineries for repairs. If this trend continues, by the summer prices at the pump can add up to five cents per liter of fuel, noted in the Council.

According to Rosstat, average consumer prices for gasoline AI-92 and AI-95 in October 2018 has not changed in comparison with January and amounted to 38,12 and of 41.05 roubles per liter, respectively. In the second half of March, prices began a gradual increase.

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