Fighter VC of the Russian Federation of the sixth generation can do “radiophotography”

Moscow, July 27 – AIF-Moscow.

The newest sixth-generation fighter, which is now being created in Russia will allow you to do radar “pictures” of enemy aircraft and determine their type of weapon without human intervention, said the Advisor to the first Deputy General Director of concern “radio-Electronic technology” (KRET) Vladimir Mikheev.

Weapons of the future. What the creators of innovative weapons?

According to him, for the aircraft being developed radiophony locator. For today already there is the experimental sample and also creates a full-scale model. New radar power and range will significantly exceed all existing radar station (radar), reports TASS.

The radar also will have great opportunities to protect against interference, at the same time will carry out the tasks of electronic warfare (EW), to transfer data and act as a means of communication, said Mikheyev.

In addition, the fighter will be equipped with powerful multi-spectral optical system, operating in different bands: laser, infrared, ultraviolet, optical, actually, much higher than the spectrum visible to man.

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