Football Russian national team has risen one place in FIFA ranking

The international football Federation (FIFA) has released an updated ranking of the best national teams. In the first ten no changes have occurred, but for the Russian fans there is good news: the team climbed one spot and is now located on the 64-th row.


In the updated FIFA rating, the leader is still Germany, which is the current world champion and winner of the Confederations Cup 2017. The pursuit led teams of Brazil, Portugal and Argentina, and closes the top ten best squad from Chile.

As for the Russian team, she was able to leave the 65-th place, which was for her antirekordnaya, and climbed to the 64th spot. While wards Stanislaus cherchesova during the reporting period, held no match, and positive dynamics became possible thanks to the fact that China literally fell from 60th to 71st position.

It is noteworthy that the above line of Russia is Saudi Arabia, which will hold the opening match of the 2018 world Cup. The Russians still remain the team with the lowest ranking of all countries participating in the world championship.

According to the official FIFA website, top 10 ranking as follows:

1) Germany — 1602 points

2) Brazil — 1483

3) Portugal — 1358

4) Argentina — 1348

5) Belgium — 1325

6) Spain — 1231

7) Poland — 1209

8) Switzerland — 1190

9) France — 1183

10) Chile — 1162

63) Saudi Arabia — 539

64) Russia — 534

65) Guinea — 532

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