Football “Spartak” has ceased to win in the lead “Zenith”, “Ahmad” and “the locomotive”

2nd round of season-2017/18 in the Russian football Premier League lasted for 4 days: from Friday to Monday. The outcome of the match between the Tula Arsenal and Khabarovsk SKA we don’t know yet, Yes this review is quite possible to do without it, you will agree.

No, if something worthy of the reader’s attention there is happens – of course the “MK” on it, and yet make a rating 5 most important events of the tour without playing in Tula.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Massimo Carrera

1. “The locomotive” has beaten CSKA, having won the second victory in a row

The skepticism caused by the return of the then 69-year-old Yuri Semin, the head coach of the Moscow “Locomotive”, not disappeared even after the victory of the shock train crew in the Cup of Russia. But since the task in the regular season to qualify for European cups – was made, the club had no choice but to extend with the legendary P. contract.

It seems that now – after an even match with the champion-2017 Spartak Moscow in the super Cup (regular time ended in a draw) and two consecutive victories at the start of the championship-2017/18 – this scepticism has evaporated almost completely. Okay, Tula Arsenal at home – although the team Miodrag Bozovic traditionally produced such lovely playing; but “Loko” and CSKA on the road beat confidently. The same CSKA Viktor Gancharenko, which many called a major discovery of spring.

And only one obviously upsets Semin is a serious injury of the leader of the attack Brazilian Ari: dropped it too much.

2. “Spartak” for the first time at Carrere played 0:0

Of course from Spartak Moscow are always waiting for a win. And even more – after the champion couldn’t hold on for the win in the match with “Dinamo”, which from time to time clearly controlled.

But objectively speaking – the chances of 3 points in Ufa Spartacus was initially a bit. Too prickly and uncompromising team Sergey Semak. Skips a little, scores – also on holidays. In the end, and turned a 0-0 first goalless draw for Massimo Carrera led red-and-white.

But unlike those who immediately began to call to send the Italian to resign, asked not to get excited. Ahead of the match with the “Krasnodar” and “Zenith”, a lot will be decided in them. And Champions League is not far off: whether the team’s turmoil?

3. “Rostov” ended home winning streak

“Men”. So called “Rostov” fans when the Kurban Berdyev, now returned to Kazan. It seems to me, under Leonid Kuchuk this “musiccast” not gone anywhere. Moreover – and former team coach (remember at least “bronze” “Lokomotiv”, the only medals for almost seven years Olga Smorodskaya!) distinguished excellent dedication.

Another thing, “Rostov” with the obvious gaming advantage (including strikes) in the match with “Terek”… sorry, “Ahmad” – a few with no luck. Plus the opponent was no fool: after all, at the head of the Grozny now Oleg Kononov also has in its store a “bronze” (also, incidentally, unique in the history of “Krasnodar” Sergey Galitsky).

And the output after a precise shot from a mess Zaur Sadaeva have the first (!) for more than two years, the defeat of the Rostov home…

4. “Zenith” for the second time won, Rubin – lost

Diametrically opposed they got the start of the championship-2017/18– mean Zenit St. Petersburg and Rubin Kazan. Remember: in the first round, Roberto Mancini won with all the chances to miss from Khabarovsk SKA, and the army Kurban Berdiyev, on the contrary, lost and missed in the end the opportunity to play at least a draw with “Krasnodar”?

Here and in face-to-face confrontation of the “gunners” were lucky “ruby”: a game that could well end in a draw, ended exact impact of the rookie Petrograd Sebastian Driussi. Thus 21-year-old Argentinian scored twice and confirmed largely the advances that he handed out as a notable goalscorer.

5. “Ural” defeated “Dynamo” on the road for the first time in 25 years

Remember the summer of 1992, the first ever club championship of Russia – and the match between “Dynamo” and “Uralmash” Ekaterinburg already. Wrote the match report in “Sport-Express” – and therefore will easily give you not only the score (6:2), but the authors of goals scored (the only way, time for Russian tournaments, two blue and white scored a hat-trick: Veli Kasumov and Omari Tetradze), and even a phrase from the report: “But tonight, no goalkeepers and no rod to stop the Dynamo could not.”

A year later, in ‘ 93, the Urals even managed to play in Moscow in a draw – 1:1. However, since neither “Uralmash”, or then “Ural” is not something that the three points or at least points to take, but scoring Dynamo on the road did not happen.

And in the end of the match in Khimki (Dinamo unfinished still far from complete) Georgian Giorgi Chanturia was interrupted by two antirekordnaya series of people…

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