Football: who are we missing “Spartak” and “Zenith”

The first round of the next championship of Russia will be remembered not only by the tense struggle and intrigue in every game, but also a number of debut performances for the Premier League team players, earlier in our championship not played. To assess the potential of costly Leandro Paredes and Sebastian Driussi, who spent the first official minutes in t-shirts “Zenith” or to talk about the prospects of the new Krasnodar by Wánderson time and opportunities will still abound. But what is appropriate to say now, in the first round, it’s about the players that left the Premier League clubs last summer.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

How to manage the team after parting with the experienced and most determining players with “MC” and followed closely in the first round of the Premier League. Note that the matches of “Spartacus” and “Locomotive”, produced on Tuesday night, this review is not horrible, but watching teams Massimo Carrera and Yuri Semin, we had a great opportunity in the battle for the super Cup that was played in the Moscow Derby red-white and red-green. With the departure of each of the listed players of his previous team lost some important component of soccer success, to fill which will be extremely difficult.


Miguel Danny (Zenit — Slavia)

Since its first appearance in “Zenith” around the Portuguese model has been talk of the advisability of purchase. First argued on the record at the time for the Premier League, the transfer amount that the blue-white-blue had to pay “Dynamo” is now back in 2008‑m. Then discussed is not the highest speed of the player (which is that of remote starting). Criticized for not the most impressive athlete, put to blame low traumotologists, doubted the possibility to find a place on the field with a living legend of the club, Andrei Arshavin. But every time my game Danny negated all the arguments of skeptics.

It turned out that in pair with Arshavin, the Portuguese are quite effective. The fact that Miguel after the departure of Andrew in England inherited 10th arshalinskiy room, is quite revealing. Scoring the winning goal in his first match for Zenit, which fell exactly on the drawing of the UEFA super Cup (“Zenit” — “Manchester United” — 2:1), Danny for many years was the leader and brains of the team from Neva banks. Not every coach of “Zenit” in the last decade was a success, but each of the mentors Danny remained paramount and the game figure, and the result is a football player. Each of his protracted trauma (such as during the performance for “Zenith” the player had a few) resulted in failure of attacking play and scoring. And so Danny left St. Petersburg and Russia.

To say that the departure of the 33‑year-old player became a hit for the team, it would be an exaggeration. In the location of Roberto Mancini attacking Midfielders in abundance. That with a Russian passport without it. Competition for the position behind the striker, on the edges of the attack “Zenith” the envy of every other Premier League club, but Danny was the representative so scarce in football, role — winger playmaker. In a similar manner, playing at one time shone for real Madrid and Barcelona Luis Figo, incredible Juventus was Pavel nedvěd. Just replace these players not at least due to the lack of replacement. And here “Zenith” let and seriously changing the game concept under the guidance of Mancini will have to get used to playing without Danny. First to get used to have not even the players themselves and the fans, which will look at the field “top ten” Miguel on the left flank of the attack.


Zoran Tosic (CSKA Moscow — free transfer)

With Zoran Tosic, whose contract at CSKA expired after the previous championship, just don’t renew the contract. The Serb, bought seven years ago at “Manchester United”, was called to fill in the team, the void left after the departure to Juventus with his compatriot Milos Krasic. Zoran quickly took control of the right flank of the army attack, scoring in seven seasons with 41 goals in 241 match.

In recent years, when he left and returned Doumbia and Vagner Love, when the team was left without turned into the main zabivaly Musa, when once again for a long time due to injury was out of action Dzagoev, Tosic remained the constant in attacking play, which allowed CSKA to avoid a protracted crisis. And it’s not only about the internal championship, but also about European Cup matches, in which Tosic has also confirmed his star status.

A defining moment for the model was the change of the head coach of CSKA. With the arrival of Viktor Gancharenko and the subsequent transition to the scheme with three Central defenders, which involves changing the balance between attack and defense in favor of the latter, once turned out to be just 30‑year-old Serb. Pure right card in the new scheme over to cover the whole flank Mario Fernandez is simply not needed. New coach trying to attach Zoran, releasing it even on the left-back position, but to plug holes age Legionnaire, too much luxury. Although his tricky shots from outside the penalty area army fans for some time will be missed, separation is the only right way out of the situation for the club and for the player.


Maicon (Lokomotiv — Antalyaspor)

The Brazilian, who was responsible for attack speed “Loco” for the past seven seasons, was replaced by Russia on Turkey in the championship which he will defend the colors of Antalyaspor. The main game advantages Maicon in addition to the already mentioned speed should also include a versatility player, who was in the centre forward position and on any of the flanks of the attack. It is also important that the 27‑year-old Brazilian is in the Prime of football strength and all of my adult career was spent in the Russian League. Rapid wingers — the most expensive commodity in modern football, but the railwaymen did not keep the striker, who left as a free agent to the club, which wasn’t selected at the end of last championship in the competition. It turns out that it was strictly about the money.

The location of Yuri Semin remain Alexey miranchuk and Ignatiev, Kasaev and Farfan, but none of them can boast of comparable to the Brazilian”s speed and scoring indicators.


Nicolas Lomberts (“Zenith” — “Ostende”)

After spending ten years at Zenit, a 32‑year-old Belgian left the Russian Premier League. And it is rather strange to observe the mass buying Midfielders and strikers, which staged this summer “Zenit” at a time when the obvious problem position in the team Roberto Mancini in the centre of defence. Lombaerts was almost the only Central defender in the last decade in the St. Petersburg club, which was not claims and which fans did not expect dubious gifts in every match. Was, of course, also megazvezda Garay, but the Argentine played in St. Petersburg not much time.

Who played in Central defence “Zenith” for the last year! Noted in this area and has nominally the right-back Ivanovic and criscito left. Novoseltsev lion’s share of time in “Zenith” is in the infirmary, and now Danny is gone. The situation is really complicated. After all, it is not the fact that even bought for huge money eminent foreigner is able to score with the go. Remember how the idiots in the first matches of Ivanovic, who has experience, titles, and name. It seems that this is the only personnel problem blue-white-blue, but if its decision to defer to next summer, the fight for the championship, which is aimed so Mancini can turn from adventure to pain.



July 21, Friday

“Anzhi” — “Amkar”

19.30 (hereinafter time Moscow).

Kaspiysk. “Anji-Arena”

The last meeting in Kaspiysk: 3:1

Total balance: +5=3-4, 12:11

Factors of bookmakers: 2,45—2,85—3,15

Stream: “Our football”. Prediction: 1:1.

CSKA — “locomotive”

19.30. Moscow. “VEB-arena”

The last meeting on the field of CSKA: 4:0

Total balance: +17=7-11, 51:31

Factors of bookmakers: 1,75—3,35—5,10

Stream: “Match TV”. Prediction: 0:0.

July 22, Saturday

“Zenit” — “Rubin”

17.30. Saint-Petersburg.

The Stadium “Saint-Petersburg”

The last meeting in St. Petersburg: 4:1

Total balance: +14=8-9, 52:42

Factors of bookmakers: 1,50—3,85—6,50

Stream: “Match TV”. Prediction: 2:1.

“Krasnodar” — “Tosno”

20.00. Krasnodar. The Stadium “Krasnodar”

The last meeting in Krasnodar: 3:0

Total balance: +1=0-0, 3:0

Factors of bookmakers: 1,35—4,40—9,15

Stream: “Our football”. Prediction: 1:0.

July 23, Sunday

“Ufa” — “Spartak”

15.00. Ufa. Stadium “Petrovsky”

The last meeting in Ufa: 1:3

Total balance: +3=1-3, 10:10

Factors of bookmakers: 5,55—3,25—1,75

Stream: “Match TV”. Prediction: 1:2.

“Dynamo” — “Ural”

17.30. Khimki. The Khimki Arena

The last meeting in Khimki: 1:0

Total balance: +4=1-1, 12:4

Factors of bookmakers: 1,80—3,30—4,40

Stream: “Our football”. Prediction: 1:0.

“Rostov” — “Ahmat”

20.00. Rostov-on-don. Stadium “The Olympus-2”

The recent meeting in Rostov-na-Donu: 0:0

Total balance: +7=7-7, 21:23

Factors of bookmakers: 2,35—2,90—3,30

Stream: “Our football”. Prediction: 0:0.

July 24, Monday

“Arsenal” — “SKA-Khabarovsk”

19.30. Tula. The Arsenal Stadium

The last meeting in Tula: 1:0

Total balance: +4=0-1, 9:4

Factors of bookmakers: 1,95—3,25—4,25

Stream: “Our football”. Forecast: 2:2.

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