For the leader to answer. Shevchenko beat Svanidze-Stalin


Issues related to the life and work Joseph Stalin remain in the Russian society is extremely sharp and topical, even on the eve of the 65th anniversary of the death of the leader.

This again clearly confirmed the incident during the live air of radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Nikolai Svanidze: successful grandson repressed grandfather

The fights, show the Russians not to get used to, but it’s one thing when to sort things out with fists trying, for example, a husband and a rapist Diana Shurygina and quite another when “fight club” are open such eminent journalists as Nikolai Svanidze and Maxim Shevchenko.

Climbing to Stalin. Someone suggested to Joseph Dzhugashvili “iron” name?

The 62-year-old Nikolai Svanidze for many years analytical program “Zerkalo” on Canale “Russia” and a number of other transmissions. Among the projects Svanidze — the series “Historical Chronicles”, where the author in a very negative light and presented as Stalin and the Soviet period as a whole.

Svanidze is the grandson of the prominent party leaders Nikolai Svanidze Samsonovich, a distant cousin of Stalin’s first wife. Version of grandson, Nikolay Samsonovich died in 1937 at the interrogation by the NKVD, although the exact information about it.

But it is known that the descendants of Nikolay Samsonovich not lost. His son Carl N. Svanidze became one of the leaders of the Politizdat under the CPSU Central Committee. Grandson-a journalist before the arrival on TV of 56 graduated from Moscow specialized school with advanced study of English and history faculty of the MSU, during the Soviet period many years worked in the prestigious Institute of USA and Canada of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Maxim Shevchenko: from the MAI to the mainstream media

51-year-old Maxim Shevchenko kinship ties with the leader can not boast. His grandfather comes from the peasants of Western Belarus. Despite the fact that the ancestor had to serve a year for espionage in favor of Poland, he made a successful career, becoming Professor of physics. The journalist”s father was a geophysicist, and he Maxim Shevchenko was educated at the Moscow aviation Institute on a speciality “Design and system analysis of microelectronic devices.”

In the nineties Shevchenko began to work in print media and on TV came in the 2000s and became widely known as the lead author’s political talk show “Judge” on the First channel.

Journalists professing polar political views, are members of the Council on human rights under the President of Russia.

“Nikolai Karlovich today spits on the graves of the victims near Moscow»

However, Stalin was too hot, and soon the passion reached too high a pitch.

“He brought the country to war with Hitler in a catastrophic state, — said Svanidze. By the end of 1941 we have in German captivity were 3.8 million people by Stalin!”

joseph stalin. Special sign. Infographics

More detailed

“Unlike France, the Soviet Union kneeling not standing, podmahivaya the Germans, — said Shevchenko. The Soviet Union fought, and Nikolai Karlovich today spits on the graves of the victims near Moscow. Because the French surrendered and were allies of the Germans, and our commanders, our officers fought. Thanks to Stalin’s guidance we were the only country that resisted the invaders.”

“You’re lying, you bastard! I don’t spit on the graves, my grandfather fought, exploded Svanidze. Thanks to the heroism of the Soviet people, we fought. And lost almost 30 million people.”

“Stand up and hit him in the face»

While the presenter tried to extinguish emotions, Svanidze was thrown to the opponent: “if you were closer, the face I have got.”

“Please, I get up and hit in the face, suggested Shevchenko. Get up and give!»

Then Svanidze actually approached Shevchenko and slapped him. The opponent responded with a series of sweeping strikes, after which Nikolai Karlovich was on the floor. Continuation of the match did not allow the staff of the radio station, razvedshih the guests in the Studio. However, his Svanidze expressed its willingness “to repeat”, and Shevchenko has promised to respond in the same way, and then “turned the other cheek”.

Continue Svanidze did not dare, for which he was called a coward.

“We didn’t part friends»

Shevchenko himself has called the instigator of the fight Svanidze: “I am opposed to intelligent political debate brought to the massacre. But I’m not these passions fueled. I did not start to threaten and dismiss his hands. If you threaten and dismiss the hands, you must understand that I can get an answer.”

Svanidze also commented about the incident, in fact, recognize that the assault began he: “I could not resist. Smeared on him. And he gave me the answer hit. We parted not friends. Apologies no nobody brought. And not going to.”

The head of The Council for human rights: they can reconcile a collaboration. For example, in the colony

The head of The Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Solovyov in an interview with TASS called on colleagues not to go to extremes: “I Urge my colleagues to show restraint, civilized dialogue and respect for other opinions. None of the dispute should not go into the assault”.

The President of the Council on human rights under the President Mikhail Fedotov promised to reconcile the disputants in the colony. “I, on behalf of the Board apologize to all those who value the opinion of the HRC, for the conduct of two of its members. shocked by this story. I urge them to apologize to each other, and most importantly — in front of an audience. I was ready to invite both parties to the conflict and find a way to reconcile them. We are still at the beginning of the current composition of the Board the situation was pretty tough conflict between two of its members, however both parties I was invited on a trip to the Chelyabinsk region, where in Kopeysk colony was a protest by prisoners, and joint work not only reconciled the parties to the conflict, but also visited them. I hope that this case will be the same.”

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