For the sake of power ratings pensioners will pay a tip 222 of the ruble

From August 1 pensioners just settle some money. Next month will be made recalculation of pensions. The increase for the majority will be slightly more than 222 virtually any. However, to get that money, not all elderly citizens, but only those who continue to work. However, many of them otherwise SOP on the part of officials, this increase is not known. Too large a gap between pensions and actual expenditure of the citizens.

The so-called increase is more like a traditional government attempt to raise his rating.

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In recent years the pension system has undergone many changes. If earlier reason for retirement was experience and age, now this is not enough. Now, to qualify for a decent retirement, you need to “earn” a certain number of points are awarded for each year worked. That is, the later people retire, the more points he will get. In addition, the employee must be at least 11.4 points (which corresponds at least 11 years of seniority). Every year the bar will be to grow and by 2025 will account for 30 points. In addition, changes every year the value of pension points. In 2016 it was 74,27 virtually any, and in 2017-th — 78,58 virtually any.

Thus, the government delayed the release of citizens on a holiday. Because the longer works the population, the longer are contributions from employers in the ever-scarce Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). Hence the money is mostly allocated to the payment of those who after retirement, work can’t or won’t.

It is because of the lack of resources in the FIU, the government a couple of years ago abandoned the indexation of pensions to working pensioners, and regularly discussing the possibility of raising the retirement age .

According to the FIU, currently in Russia there are 43 million seniors. Of these, approximately 13 million are still working. However, by law, work in excess of the term are to be promoted, which in fact was made by the officials this year. “The allocation to eligible recipients, pension insurance for old age and disability, means that employers in 2016 to pay insurance premiums”, — reported in the Ministry of labour and social protection.

However, and here officials have found a way to save on the increase. Its size depends on the level of wages of working pensioners, that is, from contributions of the employer. In addition, the increase is limited by the cost of the three pension points, each of which “costs” 74,27 of the ruble. Accordingly, for the majority of working pensioners pension will increase by 222 virtually any and kopecks. To get in 2016 was enough to have a salary at 19.9 thousand virtually any.

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For comparison, the increase is approximately 3 packets of sour milk, 2 packages of toilet paper, a pound of fish fillets themselves or 8 pounds of potatoes. If to speak about the exact price in 222 of the ruble on any product, we ironically found the only move “folder to work with a zipper with a flap strap”.

According to the rector of Academy of labor and social relations Alexander Safonov, while limiting the increase in the three points system takes account of receipts paid for working pensioners. “The country has enough people who retire at 45-50 years. Among them – military, security forces and representatives of other professions. Their pensions and so higher than the rest, and points they can potentially earn much more than those who are retiring at 55-60 years”, — says the expert.

In addition, according to Safonov, many Russians continue to work beyond retirement age because they cannot live on a pension. For these And virtually any 200 a month, to put it mildly, is clearly not enough. “Too big a gap between the pensions and the amount that is necessary on more-less decent living,” says the Director of the Institute of contemporary Economics Nikita Isaev.

According to him, these 200 virtually any, the government wants to push people to the later departure from work to build one of the most active group of voters, pensioners, to the current government. “Small financial support to pensioners – traditional measure, taking by the government for the sake of raising the ratings. And resort to it this year is not the first time: first, in January, held a one-off payment, then it took two of indexation of social pensions, is now working approximately on 200 roubles to add. But if the government really wanted to support the pensioners, to start have to defrost the cumulative part of the pension that we promised for several years. This would give a far greater result,” — says Isaev.

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