Found in Novgorod birch-bark contains ancient punctuation

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Moscow, July 20 – AIF-Moscow.

On the newly found in the centre of Velikiy Novgorod birch bark discovered ancient punctuation marks, reports TASS.

The medieval TEXT message. What he wrote in Russia on birch bark

This is the earliest known case of detection of such written signs. The finding may indicate that the Novgorodians used the punctuation marks already from the XII century, experts say.

As told by Professor of Moscow state University, archaeologist Elena Rybina, the certificate contains multiple names, among them Thomas Mikula, Janka and Ekim, and names of relatives: mother, stepmother, wife. The words on the letter are separated by vertical bars.

Massively punctuation marks on birch bark are fairly rare, usually the colon or points within words, said Rybin. According to scientists, the discovery may constitute “baptismal list”, it mentions guests invited to the baptism of a child.

It is called in the letter to the residents of the city and Janka Ekim known to archaeologists in other early writings. In particular, signed by Ekim on excavation, were found more than 30 letters.

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