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The holidays is a great chance to gather with friends and spend time corny for dining gatherings, and go to test themselves on quests. However, despite the fact that their market is actively developing in Russia for the fourth year, not all believe a new form of entertainment secure.

In Krasnodar animator during the quest, the wounded the visitor with a circular saw

And these fears are not unfounded. This year alone, the quests have been three accidents. In January, the Metropolitan student was the victim of an actor who is too accustomed to his role and hit the guy with an axe on the head. Two girls suffered burns during the fire quest in Saratov, a month ago, 8 people fell to the floor below during the passage of horror quest.

In order to understand whether the quest can be safe, how to choose it and what you need to know to avoid accidents, the reporter AIPPI passed a few quests in reality.

Immersion in the atmosphere of the quest begins at the entrance. Photo: Gregory Nadtoka

Look up

The first thing to do before heading to the game, is to open a special aggregator: “World quest”. The site collects all the quests that exist today in Russia, and arranges them in descending order from best to worst. Here you can read reviews from visitors of a quest, to ask the operators can choose a game according to the preferences of your company.

General Director of “World quests” Igor Bob. Photo: Gregory Nadtoka

“We orientirueshsya on the feedback of visitors and make the national ranking. Leave a rating to all customers, because we every contact by email and phone call. Games that received the highest rating, go ahead, — says General Director of “World quests” Igor Bob. — If there was an emergency or a player, for objective reasons, negative comments about the quest, we refer to its creators for explanations”.

Bob says: if they learn about the violent methods in the quest, it is immediately removed from the site.

Today in Russia there are over 5 thousand rooms with games while in the US — 1500, and in Europe the figure does not hold up to 1000.

“The Russian market of quests distinguishes the desire to immerse visitors in the atmosphere of the action. For example, if the quest is associated with solving a mystery about a mummy or pyramid, it will create a feeling that you are in Egypt”, — assured Igor Bob.

Russian quests are distinguished by the presence of the entourage and believable picture of what is happening. Photo: Gregory Nadtoka

Safe points

Every week the team of “World quest” goes on site to personally ensure their safety and reliability.

The first thing you pay attention to the experts, is it easy to find the quest and according to his description. The next item is the administrator’s job. “We are looking not only for friendly service, but also on its ability to describe the action inside the game, explains Bob. And, of course, appreciate the surroundings: how it compares with the stories told before. It is clear that the boring quests will not attract any visitor. If there is no entourage, then, should be as interesting and understandable tasks”.

Photo: Gregory Nadtoka

If the quest is a performance in which the actors involved experts and their game. They should be as believable and their actions not to harm the participants. “But, in addition, we study how mechanisms operate, is there any possibility that a person inadvertently may be damaged — adds Bob. — In addition, every quest-the performance should be a fire extinguisher, but unfortunately, not all fulfill this condition.”

The quality of The puzzles, the appropriate price and quality, dynamism — even some of the items on the list of “World quest”. If the quest is designed for children, experts examine even the level of cleanliness in the room.

Photo: Gregory Nadtoka

No one keeps

But perhaps most important is the presence of an emergency button which, when pressed, the player will be able to leave the room.

“Any time we can stop the game even if the players themselves are embarrassed about it to ask. The “right” quest is mandatory must have a camera in each of the playrooms and the staff member who sees them for what is happening, says Director of marketing “Street quest” Elena Tarasova. — There are performances based on horror movies, and sometimes people are asked to leave themselves. Of course, to prevent this we can’t.”

The quest for what is happening in the following statement, in which case you can stop the game. Photo: Gregory Nadtoka

Often in performances, horror films can get hurt and the players and actors. The only way to avoid it is not to join with the actor feedback. “The actor behaves according to the scenario and no harm will come to the party on purpose. The players, fearing the actor can strongly push or hit. Such contact is prohibited, and to protect himself, quests usually ask you to sign a corresponding paper,” explains Igor Bob.

But, he said, and sometimes it is the organizers ‘ fault in accidents. “If they decided to add some zest to the performance, for example, a chainsaw, although his ranking is absolutely not welcome, says Bobb, something she usually put plugs that do not allow chain to touch anything or hurt the player. But recently a stub actor flew, and he was in the heat of the game didn’t notice and hurt the party. In this case, the fault is the organizer”.

Thus, Bobb assured that the fear of the quests is not necessary, because such accidents happen very rarely and only to reputable sites. “Large companies will not sacrifice their reputation and will do everything that quest has brought some positive emotions”, — assured Igor Bob.

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