Gazzaev swore in response to a question about his mustache Grudinina

The candidate in presidents of Russia from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin in the past elections took second place, while gaining less than 15% of the vote. This meant that he lost the argument the journalist Yuri Dude and at the end of the bet must shave off his mustache. However, while policies to this step is not ready, so the same issue forwarded to the coach Valeriy Gazzaev, who at the time also did not fulfill the promise.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Valery Gazzaev.

Pavel Grudinin was a guest of the show “wdud” at the beginning of February and the end of the interview concluded with Mr. Dude on bet. By its terms, if the election of the President of Russia Grudinin gaining more than 15% of the votes, the journalist is shaved bald. Otherwise the policy will have to shave your mustache, with whom they goes life.

In the end, Grudinin was not able to recruit the necessary number of votes and immediately after the results were known, the Dude reminded about the dispute, laying out in their social networks razor Soviet times.

“Meet me with Yuri Alexandrovich, and if he admits that the elections were fair, I immediately shave it,” – said in the end, Grudinin.

Football coach and State Duma Deputy, former head of CSKA, at the time, did not fulfill a similar promise. In 2005, he said that he will shave off your mustache, if CSKA will play in the final of the UEFA Cup, but the team did more and won the tournament. However, after winning specialist said it was a joke.

“You fucked me over. It’s an old story. The topic is closed. Have Grudinina ask”, – quotes Gazzayev who was asked about the mustache, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

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