Germany found ending the promotion of US interests through sanctions

The German foreign Ministry said that it will not take into account the effect of the new anti-Russian US sanctions on European companies, stressing that the sanctions policy is not a viable tool for promoting national interests

Sigmar Gabriel

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Foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel stated that “under no circumstances” Berlin will not tolerate the use of US extraterritorial sanctions against European companies.

The President of the United States Donald trump is aware of the position of Berlin, he added. Gabriel said that the sanctions policy does not consider “reasonable” or “appropriate” tool to “promote the national interests of [the United States] the export of domestic energy”. The German foreign Minister noted that the decision about the sanctions, the President of the United States.

In response, Gabriel has proposed to coordinate with the EU its policy towards Russia. He considered positive the fact that now, according to him, the US Congress is holding consultations with its European partners before the adoption of the sanctions. Gabriel also praised recent changes in the bill on sanctions, writes Spiegel.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany remained hopeful that will be able to avoid signing the bill the President of the United States in the form in which it is now, concludes the journal. “We had a good dialogue with the US administration in a long time,” said Gabriel.

According to him, critics in the US believe that the Europeans have done too little to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine, but Berlin does not agree. According to Gabriel, Europe would overcome the conflict in the East of Ukraine and considers it “necessary” political pressure on Moscow. “It is a measure of our sanctions [against Russia]”, he concluded. He added that the sanctions will gradually weaken if Moscow will go the way of the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

The long U.S. sanctions — from China to North Korea

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Earlier, the Minister of economy of Germany, Brigitte zypris acknowledged that U.S. sanctions against Russia to harm European companies. In parallel, the US sanctions against Russia criticized the German Committee on Eastern European economic relations. On July 26 against the new restrictions were made by the Federal Association of chambers of Commerce and industry (DIHK).

In the night of Friday, the U.S. Senate voted for a new package of anti-Russian sanctions. The earlier document was approved by the house of representatives, and it will now be sent to the President Donald Trump.

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