“Get it while you can”: Gref refused to cancel the Commission for inter-regional transfers

Sberbank does not intend to abandon any Commission with interregional transfers, said the head of the credit organization German Gref.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

According to him, it is written on a direct line with the staff (quoted by “Vedomosti”), charging customers for remittances provides Sberbank “most of the revenue.”

“While there is such a market opportunity, we like this market opportunity are going to use it” — Gref has promised.

He added that the toll charges for inter-regional transfers can be compared to roaming, which the Russian cellular companies refused for over 20 years.

However, for some concessions to customers in the long run the Bank ready to go: “First, we will gradually reduce the level of commissions charged in interregional transfers. Second, we will look for a different way to monetize this feature, because every service must be paid.”

Recall that the Bank transfers from one territorial unit to another charges a fee, despite the fact that the transfer is within the same Bank. This has caused outrage customers and actively discussed in social networks.

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