Goin ‘ on, kipesh, simmer, or boil all the fuss about — how?


Responsible Yesenia Pawloski linguist morphologist, expert of the Institute of Philology, mass information and psychology, Novosibirsk state pedagogical University.

Know only one thing — just without the soft sign at the end.

Just note: the options listed the variety of forms this word is not exhausted. In the speech of native speakers spelling incarnations of this unit so much that we should write a separate text listing all of them.

The most important thing: the word this refers to the Argo, in the sense of “the language of the underclass groups in society, the language of thieves, tramps and beggars.” Therefore, the question of its correctness can not be seen: the unification of such words is often difficult. Their etymology may be uncertain, and the wide use of characteristic groups of native speakers (and they are still “owners” of this language) even suggests the presence of hundreds of options.

Ease or ease — how?

For some reason, those options that begin with “K”, a Dictionary of slang, edited by V. S. Elistratov notes only in the form “kipezh”. It is conditionally possible to consider it proper on this basis. (Certainly, the basis Elistratova was.)

Here’s a dictionary entry we find in this source:


“Hipi to raise (or restore) — to make noise, have someone major grief.
Criminal “hip(and)W©” — mugging with women-prostitutes, luring the victim, Ms. “hypernik” — complicit in this robbery.

Perhaps the word is connected with the criminal “hip” — the female sexual organ, derived from the Hebrew chupo — canopy relevant to the wedding ceremony (chupe stl’ln — arrange the wedding). Criminal “hipes” thus, there is a plural form of “hip” (Siro)”.

But it is not necessary to treat the word biased: the mass of ergotism seeped into the spoken language of native speakers, and some even managed over time to be cleansed of her “inheritance”. Many of them are not recognized by us as ergotism for a long time.

Kipelno-white or boil-and-white — how?

Plus, we certainly know where the words came six, Snitch, the taskbar, authority and Gopnik, but use them calmly and do not tabfrom. Anyway, the last two definitely. And the word of zaskar forces of youth and is moved to the slang of a group, and now so called shameful any event/act. (Although it is better not to know what it really means in terms of prison language). In General, everything is normal linguistic processes, and block them is not worth it.

So, in the dictionary as available lists the forms kipezh Hyper and HiPER, but neither one of them has no status correct. Therefore, we can assume that the answer to the question “how is goin’ on, boil, or kipizh all the fuss about?” — no.

But the important thing is: this word in modern Russian is masculine. Its interpretation as words of the feminine options in the boil, kipiel, kipesh and boil — wrong. Such forms had not.

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