“Gold” for Russia in synchronized swimming was renamed the artistic

Congress of the International swimming Federation (FINA) made the decision on renaming of synchronized swimming in the dressing. The decision was the result of the vote in Budapest, where takes place the world championship on water sports. Already brought the Russian team gold medals.

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The idea of renaming was originally proposed to the international Olympic Committee. She was eventually approved in the framework of the amendment to the Constitution of FINA.

Interestingly, head coach of the Russian synchronised swimming Tatyana Pokrovskaya reacted negatively to the innovation. According to the coach, not quite understand the purpose of innovation.

“We are opposed to the decision, told TASS intercession. – We were quite happy with the former name, because it is primarily synchronized swimming. Don’t know what kind of whim, who and what sickened the former name. However, the essence of our sport that will not change”.

For the first time, synchronized swimming was introduced to the Olympic program at the Games in Los Angeles in 1984, but before the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, the competition in this sport consisted only of singles and doubles.

The current championship in Budapest the Russian synchronised swimmers – the old memory once again proved that Russia in this sport almost no competition. The girls brought the team into first place in the overall standings, earning the team’s seventh gold.

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