GOP lawmaker blasts dossier which memo says led to Trump spying operation



Reps. Stewart and Swalwell debate significance of Nunes memo

Two key members of the House Intelligence Committee that released the memo alleging surveillance abuse in the investigation of the Trump campaign join the debate on 'Fox News Sunday.'

The dossier used to secure a federal warrant to surveil the Trump presidential campaign read like a "two dollar novel," a Republican lawmaker told "Fox News Sunday," as the partisan clash over the so-called "FISA memo" continued to dominate the battle inside the beltway.

Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, made the colorful claim just two days after Republican leaders of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released the now-declassified memo regarding the early stages of the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. 

The memo alleges the Obama Justice Department and FBI abused their authority, in part by requesting a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for then-Trump campaign adviser Carter Page based on a minimally-vetted, opposition-research dossier that was financed by Democrats. 

“It’s just political garbage," Stewart said of the dossier. "It’s no more credible than a two-dollar novel.”

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