Head of Academy of Sciences promised to deal with “fake” signatures on letter of scientists

RIA Novosti

Moscow, 27 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

The head of The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Alexander Sergeev has promised to investigate the situation with forged signatures of scientists open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday, 400 scientists signed a letter to the head of the state, which complained to the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO), methods which interfere with academic activities.

President of RAS Alexander Sergeev: “We are gaining high technologies”

Later, some scientists stated that they did not sign the letter, though the signature is there.

“We will investigate. It somehow need to disavow to us was the reaction that this (fake signatures — ed.) is a fake”, — quotes RIA Novosti words of Sergeeva.

Also President of the RAS said that he wants to meet with the scientists who made the appeal to Putin.

“This appeal caring people, they really care about the fate of our science, for the fate of the Academy of Sciences… since so many people voted, I’m ready to meet them, I might even obliged to meet them”, he said.

According to Sergeyev, he saw the letter before publication, but does not agree with some of the arguments presented there, reports TASS. He added that the letter “throws additional confrontation in relations of Russian Academy of Sciences and FANO.”

Both sides should go to the stage of constructive coexistence and now for this to build relationships, concluded Sergeev.

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