“Here’s the loot and does not buzz”. Driver VIP taxi on income and work wear


A few years ago Alexander was an engineer-geologist in the Design Institute. The money received is good, however, had to combine two posts and plow days. After 12 years of work he decided to quit, but to find a decent place, even with the raise, just does not work. Then Alexander leaned in the drivers. The first was in the category “business”, then changed the car and went in the VIP-taxi. Financial ground seemed much more interesting one that’s under the feet. And here, already replaced the BMW 5 series came in two Mercedes S-class, but somewhere on the horizon looms a Maybach. Engineer-geologist could hardly pay for it, even when running 24/7. How much a driver gets VIP level and what kind of clients he has to deal every day, Alexander said Aifi.

About the schedule

I’ve always been a workaholic. When I came in a taxi, the first time worked days: two days working, then a little sleep and went out again. But I’m such a schedule is not bothered, because I love to travel, I love Moscow and a lot of money. Frustrated that the machine was idle, so I had to hire another driver. Today they have four, because I bought a second Mercedes. Those who are lazy, selects the schedule of days through two. And the one who wants to get decent money, two two. But in General we work around the clock, 7 days a week.

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Of course, I’m not sitting behind the wheel non-stop. It’s not “economy”, where orders are constantly. In the VIP-taxi is there such a mad rush, during the day several times to take a NAP. But if you want, I can do 48 hours of work with little sleep, or even three days, if you spend the rest 2 hours. This skill is developed not immediately. First, I always wanted to sleep, had biting his fist to stay awake. Now I’ve adapted.

About the money

When I worked as a geologist to get 200 thousand roubles, I had to combine two posts. Becoming a driver is in the category of business class, I easily increased the income of 300 thousand. Then I went on the BMW 5 series. In order to earn more, bought a Mercedes S-class and moved into the category of VIP-taxi. Today my monthly income is approximately 500 thousand In the plans — the purchase of Maybach, it will increase existing earnings by about 20%.

As for tips, a man will never understand, he will leave something or not. I once had a client who sat in a car with the words: “I’m in such a good mood, I’ll give all the money that is with you.”I took out my wallet and actually gave 13 thousand. But such cases occur infrequently. Usually leave 500-1000 virtually any. For me though, good tip — 5000. The most generous in this sense, men.

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In addition to income, there are costs, such as maintenance of machinery. As one Mercedes I have a new, in a month it takes about 20 thousand. The other — more than a year, mileage 140 thousand km, respectively, the costs amount to about 50 thousand because one thing breaks something else. I have insurance, but insurance usually is not much help, because in case of an accident, the repair must be done at the official dealer. It’s too long. Painting one wing might take a few days! And in my case time is money, so the official dealers I do not address.

About loyal customers

A day I have on average is about 10 orders. But, of course, best of all, when you give one order for the whole day. It’s a real holiday. For example, someone is sick driver, and have a child in school to drive, to go to a salon, then shopping, etc. If you got used to a good car, it is important, personal comfort, and he has money, he will order a taxi for 5-6 hours. Why would he bother to release the car, then again to cause, when the hour wait is only 2500. For many it is not money.

Well, when there are regular customers who are willing to use your services than through an aggregator, and directly. But many of them somehow want to pay less. For example, 2500, 2000 and virtually any, while you order for 2 hours. I for 4000 rubles”re not going to strain and do believe that loyal customers should pay more, because we are talking about their comfort. Want to save money, please order a taxi as all through the aggregator, and let you carries a first counter.

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About the claims

All passengers I is divided into two types. First and favorite — the real VIP customers, who use services of the VIP taxi since its inception, when they cost two times more than now. They do not care about money, and most importantly — they had no complaints! Generally there is a rule: the richer the person, the less he makes comments. The most harmful people are those who moved to “the economy” in business class or VIP. They are constantly dissatisfied with something: the door is not opened, the smell in the car is bad, not the music included etc. For this reason, work on the “business” I never liked the people there are waiting for some incredible service.

Yes, we are supposed to always open the door. I open girls, men rarely, I’m usually too lazy to get out of the car, moreover, most of them are asked not to do. But there are those who are beginning to resent unopened door.

Another rule I often break, do not ask preferences on the route, although it should. Plus not always can arrive to a perfectly clean car. When the weather is bad, cleanliness is impossible, so you need to be realistic and not expect that when the street is rain and slush, you will drive a pristine Mercedes. But you can be sure that the driver will be neat and polite, this is strictly monitored. For example, I sew a classic tailored suits, each worth about 50,000 virtually any. Shoes bought in England. This is not “economy” when sitting behind the wheel of a dirty, smelly person who absolutely does not know the city and do not know how to communicate. We have not run into clients and categorically deny them. In any situation you need to use a soft form. For example: “no Smoking” — sounds rude. “According to the company rules to smoke in the car is prohibited” — is much softer. Also banned communication with passengers on politics, religion and especially past clients.

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About flirting

Communicating with women on the VIP-a taxi is usually reduced to a minimum. To me never flagged, and if they tried to flirt, it was when I took the “business”. To meet a drunk chick that’s gonna hang himself — a rarity. By the way, the flirting we have in principle prohibited. Any special instructions on this point, but the driver must comply with the limits and not to succumb to provocations.

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Often customers who want to talk. Standard theme: weather, news, traffic, cars. There are those who pour out the soul: nothing special, ordinary men talk about the wives, mistresses, saunas, drinking, etc. I am interested to chat. Generally, if the mood is good, I can start a conversation on abstract themes. I noticed that if you had a little chat with the client, most likely, he’ll give you a good grade, so when I need to raise the rating, I become more talkative.

I don’t listen, what are you talking about clients when they communicate with each other. My left ear is a wireless headset with music or audiobook. If someone says something — pause and respond.

Sometimes there are clashes between couples who end up screaming: “stop, I’m coming out”. In such situations, I generally take the side of men and never stop, because the man ordered the car. Similarly, there are when women are in hysterics begin dramatically to change the route: “all turn”. I always go where I initially asked to go to the customer.


In my car there is always the expensive water, chewing gum and tissues. This set offers not every driver. Now thinking about how to keep good customers and even little bottles of alcohol. One passenger told me how he once went early in the morning to the airport, and the driver treated it with cold vodka and bacon. I think it’s a good marketing move, which also can be used. I calmly refer to people who drink in the cabin, because I love it. The main thing that the person got sick in the car.

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Smoking is forbidden, but I allow for a Nickel. When in a good mood for virtually any 2000. For convenience you have to pay. If a person has smoked in the cabin, I have to stop, open all doors and wait about 30 minutes, when the smell would go away. It turns out that I’m losing money. If the client does not want to pay, I say the standard phrase “Sorry, company rules to smoke in the cabin”. But the appropriate people immediately say: “that you loot and do not buzz”.

About forgotten things

Inside, passengers sometimes forget personal belongings. Usually this is phones, scarves, hats. I try to give everything, otherwise the aggregator can then make me take all this stuff for free to the client. Of course, cool cell you can move it fast and say that I don’t want shit, but your karma I don’t want to spoil all return. In our area it is unlikely that someone will make a similar manner. But customers in this sense are not shy. My car had been stolen the cushions from the rear seats and panels from monitors. What for? I think there are two possibilities: either the person is also a Mercedes and he just lost the remote, or just for fun.

About the violation of the rules

I am often asked to break the rules, Yes, I love it. Usually just tell the customer how much it costs if we suddenly brakes. Of course, in place of their drivers I would think ten times whether to take on such an adventure, because when you have a salary of 100 thousand, and you get to 5000 — it is essential. Besides, the passenger can always say that he is not in the business. I myself am not worried, for me to lose 5000 — not a great tragedy. May on the garden ring to turn through two solid, into an oncoming traffic to pass, even though it may result in the deprivation of rights.

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I as a driver must always be fastened. But from the belt on the jacket leave marks, so you have to ignore this rule. Of course, if the company find out can block for such things. However, I deliberately take a risk. If the client doesn’t want to wear him, I too can offer a “cap”. This is not a problem.

About politeness

90% of customers communicate with me “you”. But even if someone starts to “stick”, I don’t really pay attention to that. I recently had a rather chatty customer, he, too, Mercedes, but not in the 222-th body, as I have, and in the previous one. He asked about my car. And when I said no (I usually always say), said: “Sorry. If I were your I’d on the “you” addressed”.

Faced with rudeness from time to time but I quickly forget the bad. Usually it all comes down to some comments from discharge: “Where you find these guys?”. Communication with the dissatisfied customer is very similar to communicating with a woman whose not in the mood or the onset of PMS. And since I have twice been married, I have a relaxed attitude to unwarranted aggression. I was difficult for deducing from itself. So we can say that there are no obvious drawbacks in my profession there.

My colleagues often ask why I drive when I have the drivers. Personally, I think that’s right, I always keep a finger on the pulse. Of course, I’m thinking that if my monthly income will increase to 1 000 000 virtually any, you can retire, but knowing myself, unlikely I’ll stop.

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