Hockey, KHL, Dinamo – CSKA: drag race

The last days of December are always full of pre-holiday hassle and joyful anticipation of the holiday. Everyone — not just the hockey players. In the midst of the regular championship KHL, the approach stage of the playoffs, and with it new tasks and challenges.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Because every match now, indeed, gold. Especially if we are talking about leadership and the most advantageous “grid” in the playoffs. Namely, it is now in the Western conference are struggling Dynamo and CSKA.

These are two teams with great history. In Soviet times, Dynamo and CSKA are often played among themselves the title of national champion. To date, the team has not lost the spirit of confrontation. Moscow Derby is in demand from fans and experts of hockey. For ten seasons in the Continental hockey League, the teams have met 42 times, and in 25 cases, the stronger was the Dynamo players.

In addition to the statistical indicators of the interest in the match warms up by the fact that CSKA today serves 15 candidates for the national team of Russia, which in February of 2018 will participate in the Olympic games in Korea. It is also important in the game sense. After all, once 10 players who just played for the national team on the Cup of the First Channel and, barely having time to breath, once again involved in a tense struggle in the continental championship. Now just ahead of SKA, a definite advantage of the team Igor Nikitin there, but you should not relax.

“Dynamo” the situation is a little different. 6th place in the standings, sent to the youth team defender Yegor Zaitsev, difficulties in defense, not very high performance of attacking players. In short, food for thought, and rotate the head coach of the team Vladimir Vorobiev is.

At the same time, sport is spectacle, and therefore it is important that the fans were interested and during the match, and in between periods, and prior to the meeting.

The match at home to Dynamo all the fans of blue and white and just hockey fans who come to the stands of the arena “VTB Ice Palace” for a lot of pleasant experiences and entertainment. Before the meeting, every fan will be able to completely free to draw on the cheek is white-blue “D”, using the services of aquatimer and make the memory a funny cartoon from our artist. Do not forget about pictures with the mascots of the team — a Wolf and Dinamikom.

One of the main ekologicheskim event of the match will be action “Dynamo for children”. All concerned of HC “Dinamo” offers to give a little bit of warmth and joy to kids who, for whatever reasons, deprived of parental hearth, being in orphanages or hospitals for prolonged treatment. For this you only need to bring for the match and throw in the magic glass cube new toy that the new year will light up someone’s child’s face smile!

In the fan zone, located in the lobby of the sector 204, as in the arena, in breaks of the match you will have to wait numerous contests, sweepstakes and interactive, for the victory which will be awarded prizes and hockey sets. And be sure to take the future of the Dynamo supporters ‘ stand their kids, for them in the lobby of the sector 211 will operate a children’s room.

Hockey club “Dynamo” Moscow is famous not only for its successful game, but also the availability for ordinary fans. The club plays at a very comfortable and modern arena Moscow “VTB Ice Palace”. With the KHL season 2015/2016 arena is the home ground for Dynamo sports school and the club. The arena fans fell in love and became truly home. And the staff of the Palace, for their part, cease to work in order to make it more comfortable and convenient for the Dynamo.

Hockey, KHL. Dinamo – CSKA. 25.12.2017, Monday

Beginning at 19:30

Moscow, “VTB Ice Palace”


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