Hockey player Zaripov caught in one of the 377 doping tests last season

Proven cases of doping with representatives of ice hockey are extremely rare. There are important specifics of the game, and other times (we will return to them below). But we are talking about the three-time world champion and four times the champion of the KHL Denise the Industry: it’s a shame that he is thereby discredited, and that hockey player from Chelyabinsk is not a young sport concepts. Now he’s almost 36, and will return after a two-year disqualification, and if so, who will have to court? From the names mentioned in the context of doping in Russia today run like the plague.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

And now a little about how the events unfolded. It is obvious that the trial was opened last season. When — a is not important. It is reported that in analyses of hockey discovered drugs class under paragraph S6, section b, according to the world anti-doping code, as well as the masking agent from paragraph S5.

Look. With the S5, everything is clear, it’s a group of diuretics that was developed to fight high blood pressure and weight. As such, they are not doping, but contribute to the withdrawal of medications for personal gain. Furosemide, which, at least early, are sold freely in any pharmacy, you know almost everything. Exceptions are for athletes, if the application is the testimony of the attending physician. Then you need application help — in General, WADA or the national anti doping Agency should simply inform. But here’s the hope that Zaripov will be able to “bounce”, crashing on the PostScript in the document:

“Therapeutic use is invalid, if the urine of an athlete in addition to a diuretic contains a prohibited substance with threshold or sub-threshold concentration”. S6.b is not the most arrogant stimulants, a group of drugs that have specific application (the hormone adrenaline from this number). Caffeine, too, in his time, got into it, but yet — to be monitored. Whatever it was, with the discovery of two substances over a winger under serious nuisance, but whether the root cause of misunderstanding (very possible) or malice — will discuss now the parties are divided into two camps.

Player statistics in the public domain. Since 1999 he conducts for his team in average, from 40 to 80 games. And if in adulthood this indicator is quite common, for those who are well over 30, this is a reason to admire. And if the KHL season-2015/2016 for Magnitogorsk “metallurg” indicators, in General, balanced (22 goals in 60 matches in the regular season 6/23 in the playoffs), then in exactly a year as part of the same club, he scores 16 goals in 56 matches in the group stage, and then records the score of 15 goals in 18 matches. That becomes an argument in favor of doping. After all, Zaripov did not younger, then such a leap? But all these figures in the hands of ill-wishers should not be taken as absolute proof. Just look at any count of other useful hockey player. The coaches may have time to make a bet on it as a soloist and assistant.

At all times it was argued that in team sports, but in hockey especially, doping does not make sense. The games are very ragged schedule, people spend on the site approximately 2 minutes, rest more. And other qualities, such as a wrist shot or a reading pad, the forbidden drugs does not affect.

And one more thing. With a strong League on the planet, the national hockey League doping is not allowed, but at the same time not let the agents of WADA or USADA us in his fiefdom: specifically, these organizations can probe stars in the League only during the world Championships or Olympic games. At the same time she makes several random samples of each team per season. But it is clear that in any case the team where every match is played 20 or more players, in case of detection of one of the offender nothing will happen. It is betting rates, broadcast, advertising. Moreover, the popular punishment for a hockey player in the NHL is considered to be not a ban on the profession for a certain period of time and on a specific number of games — 20, and so on. If, again, the player is not lit up on the competition, who spend the IOC and the IIHF.

But back to Zaripov. This summer he signed a contract with “AK Bars”, which spent a total of 13 seasons (in Magnitogorsk — 4). The goal of the leadership of the Kazan club were clear: to take away, finally, SKA the Cup and return it to the East, or rather, to yourself. It seems that the plans for the 36-year-old player in his composition of “AK Bars” will have to adjust.

With him, as reported by the press service of the KHL, are not temporarily play Derek Smith (“Medveščak”) and Andrey Konev (“Admiral”). Because they detect only drugs of the prohibited list S6.a and S6.b a certain concentration of a time not so long lasting — up to 02.09.2018 and 19.11.2017 respectively.

In addition, the League has announced that it has made 377 of the samples (not so much) over the past season, together with WADA and the International ice hockey Federation. Otherwise, taking into account the doping-series, 2016 with the participation of Russia, is simply impossible. In the meantime, the debate is to defend or punish even tougher — he Zaripov first noted the phrase, “can’t talk now, call me in two years”, but after some time still in the mood in a serious manner. In particular, it denied the fact of doping throughout his career. He intends to appeal in Sports arbitration court.

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