How to choose red caviar: the CPS has given advice

In the eve of new year holidays the specialists of Rospotrebnadzor told consumers what to look for when buying caviar. The tips published on the official website of the Department.


The basic principle of which is recommended to stick to experts of Rospotrebnadzora, is not to buy eggs from the hands and in places of unauthorized trade.

Sanitary doctors warn that special attention should be paid to the composition of the delicacy. In particular, it is impossible to buy caviar, which includes nutritional Supplement E-239 (methenamine). This preservative was banned in 2010, as the decomposition in the acidic environment of the stomach produces poisonous toxic substances. Permitted preservatives for caviar remain E-200 and E-211.

It is important to read the label, which should be written the name of the fish, which was seized caviar, date of manufacture and date of packing, reminiscent of the CPS.

The marking on the tin must contain a date of manufacture of the product, the word “caviar”, number manufacturer, number of shifts, as well as index the fishing industry the “R”. The inscription on the bottom banks have to be vystupovani inside.

Also gives some tips for checking the authenticity of the caviar. So, natural eggs are crisp and solid, weak burst when pressed, do not have the tapes and splits, and when lowered into the hot water a bit turn white and sink to the bottom (the water was not colored). If the eggs expire juice, and the eggs look “blown out”, it means that the product is already thawed.

Earlier it was reported that the traditional new year’s table of Russians delicacy rose significantly. In October-November for half a kilo of caviar impoverished consumers had to pay about two thousand virtually any (and it is in budget stores).

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