In India, the deputies supported criminal penalties for “instant divorce”

Georgy Zotov

/ AiF

Moscow, 29 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

In India going to criminalize so-called “instant divorce” – divorce without official papers, using the “triple talaq”, reports channel NDTV. The bill was supported by most deputies of the lower house of the Indian Parliament.

Relations crisis. As the “glue” of marriage?

The practice of “instant divorce” implies that the man can dissolve the marriage without the paperwork, three times uttering the word “talaq”, which in Arabic means “divorce”. It is noted that Muslims in India have often used this opportunity. In particular, they informed the husband about the breakup via sms and instant messengers. In August of this year, the Supreme court of India recognized the “triple talaq” is illegal.

Early next week the bill will consider the upper house. If it is adopted for “instant divorce” will face up to three years of imprisonment.

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