In Moscow commemorated the legendary football player Eduard Streltsov

“Russian Pele”, “man-goal”, “Arrow”… It’s all about him Edward Streltsova, ingenuity and scoring accuracy feared by even the most eminent rivals. And in the history of the national football famous striker, Olympic champion of 1956 came as the legend of the Moscow “torpedo”, a player of one club for life.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

In attack Michael herskowitz

Because a tribute to the famous footballer on the day of his 80th birthday was the match of veterans and famous fans of the black and white and symbolic of the USSR team at the stadium named after the great Eduard Streltsov.

It was, of course, and the solemn laying flowers to the monument Streltsova, but most of all the spirit of his person is consistent with the performance of the two teams — a bright, fast, efficient, really creative and kind. So was Edward Streltsov.

According to the coach Anatoliy Byshovets, “Streltsov was an example of moral relationship to the country and football. It’s amazing when you 20-year-old, come and see how he plays.”

Honesty and genuine intelligence Streltsov noted, and the other teams competing once with the “torpedo”. Your thoughts, memories Streltsova shared with us the legendary goalkeeper of “Spartacus” Rinat Dasaev:

— Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him play and know only from black-and-white frames, stories, statistics. The legend “torpedo”… the Musketeers was a great player, an Olympic champion at 19 years, has won titles with “torpedo”. It was unique in football, very technical, comparable to Pele. Again his tragic fate. It is necessary to remember and pass on to future generations. Those partners, who played with him, told how he was a geek, a player, man… Calm, gorgeous partner. Never boasted of his name. The archers is a unique player. The person has experienced adversity and came back to professional football. He just couldn’t lower your level.

— Eduard Streltsov — a great player for many generations to come. The value of it was as great as the Victor Monday in unison Dasaev said Vice-Premier of the Russian Government Arkady Dvorkovich, one of the participants of the match and hereditary fan of the Moscow “torpedo”.

The fans really loved Streltsov, “Yesenin in football”, said one of the spectators of the match.

And we are pleased to announce that the team of black and white against the national team of the USSR played the first Deputy chief editor of “MK” Peter Spector.

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