In Perm, the debtor hid from police officers in a bag

press-service UFSSP

Moscow, December 22 – AIF-Moscow.

The woman who owed child support of more than 100 thousand virtually any, tried to hide from the bailiffs Perm in a shopping bag.

As the press service of the Federal bailiff service of the Perm region, 35-year-old citizen has repeatedly fled from the bailiffs who came to her home.

In search of money. One day with the bailiffs

“During the next visit with the help of the creditor, the bailiffs managed to get into the living room where lived elementsize”, – stated in the message Department.

Officers noted the mess in the apartment, but there was no one at first glance was not. When are they going to leave the house, we happened to notice movement in the room standing in a shopping bag.

Opening the bag, officers found curled up elementsize, plasticity which can be the envy of.

As a result, the woman was taken to the bailiffs and built on it the two protocols under articles of the administrative code. According to the court the inhabitant of Perm has been sentenced to 50 hours of compulsory work.

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