In Russia will introduce a unified state font

Moscow, July 21 – AIF-Moscow.

Russian authorities move to a single font, specially designed for public use, the Guardian reports with reference to the representative of the Ministry of communications Alexander Pavlovich.

Blame the consumer. Why is stalling the import substitution?

According to the publication, the main contender for the role of the state is the font Sans RF, developed by the Moscow company. In the Ministry this information is not confirmed nor denied.

The introduction of a single font will be part of the concept for the integrated design of sites of government agencies, is working on the Ministry of communications and the Institute for the development of the Internet. It is assumed that the font will use all the agencies of the Federal, regional and municipal levels.

The representative of the Institute for the development of the Internet Arseny Weltzin explained that a single RF Sans font will not be used for print documents. This will continue to apply in Times New Roman.

“Although import substitution is a matter of time. If official resources use of foreign components, it can be disabled from abroad. In the best case, the site will stop working, at worst you will lose data,” he added.

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