In the Irkutsk region on 78 object found violations of fire safety

Of EMERCOM in the Altai territory

Moscow, 9 APR – AIF-Moscow.

In the EMERCOM in the Irkutsk region has informed that check of objects of a mass congestion of people gives disappointing results, reports RIA Novosti.

Will return if in Russia the owner of the “Winter cherry”?

As reported in the MOE, subject to verification of 395 buildings where objects of trade and leisure. At the moment tested 145 objects and violations found in 78 of them. Moreover, some violations pose a threat to people. As explained in the MOE, checks will continue, in each case, measures will be taken to eliminate the violations.

Fire safety check began to be held across the country after a major fire in the Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry” on March 25.

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