In the state Duma explained why the Russians get the “meager” pensions

The Chairman of profile Committee of the state Duma on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs Yaroslav Nilov confirms the conclusions of the rating of the French Natixis financial Corporation, according to which Russia was one of the worst countries for life of people of retirement age.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The head of The Duma Committee noted with regret that Russia, who took 40th place out of 43 possible in a world rating of level of comfort at the exit of citizens on pension, is at the level of India, Greece, China. “That’s right. We have meager pensions” – quoted nil “Interfax”.

According to the Deputy, the Russians continue to complain about the loss of savings during the transition from one nongovernmental pension Fund to another, or from a Pension Fund to a private Fund.

He stressed that the funds are of legal illiteracy of the people: citizens do not know about the transition need to be warned for five years, and only then money will not be lost. Moreover, the Russians provoke these transitions, and citizens often transferred to another Fund without their knowledge, using corruption schemes.

“And after we are in this shameful ranking”, — said Nilov. He also recalled that the issue of indexation of pensions to working pensioners has still not been resolved.

Earlier it was reported that the Global Retirement Index French Finance Corporation Natixis Russia is listed as one of the most uncomfortable countries for pensioners. The situation is worse only in Brazil, Greece and India. Traditionally in the lead in terms of comfort for pensioners Scandinavian States.

Meanwhile, it became known that the state Duma passed a bill that will actually eliminate the Reserve Fund through its Association with the national welfare Fund. Former Finance Minister Andrei Nechayev believes that now the priority of the authorities is the financing of the budget deficit, not the interests of the Pension Fund. “That’s the essence of the new law is retired, you stay there!” — he wrote in his blog.


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