In the state Duma has predicted the fall of bitcoin to 200-300 dollars

The head of The State Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov has expressed confidence in the collapse of bitcoin in the next year, while positively assessing the prospects of the technology of the blockchain.


“Next year he (bitcoin ed.), God forbid, will cost 200-300 dollars”, — quotes the words of Aksakov, the Agency “Moscow”.

On the whole, the prospects of the blockchain, according to Aksakov, which is wider than it seems now.

“The future of this direction of development of economy and people’s livelihoods is, said the MP. — And the future based just on the blockchain technology, which is now still does not provide a desired transaction rate, but it provides transparency, provides the protection of rights through transparency.”

As a result, according to him, cryptocurrency will replace the non-cash money as the once metallic money replaced the furs.

Recall that at the end of last week the bitcoin dramatically lost value, after which experienced a slight recovery and is now trading around the level of 15 thousand dollars.

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