“Innocent” of the Wehrmacht. Who killed Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya?

Sculptural portrait “Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya — the tenth” work 3ои Rakitina. Memorial Museum of petrishchevo. © /

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December 5, 1941 began a counteroffensive Soviet troops near Moscow. The German Wehrmacht suffered its first major defeat in the Second World war.

Live and remember

Together with the liberation of the cities and towns were opened and the terrible truth about what the Nazis were doing in occupied territories. In the hands of the Soviet investigators were the first irrefutable evidence of war crimes committed not only by representatives of the Nazi intelligence services, but also soldiers and officers of Wehrmacht.

The price of victory near Moscow. Truth and myths of the great war

“Innocent victims” as trying to call them today some representatives of Germany and a number of activists in Russia, left behind a terrible memory.

Memory, which today are trying to erase the grounds that the Statute of limitations and the fact that “the new generations it is no longer clear”.

But new generations have to remember what price was extracted their right to life and with any enemy faced by their forefathers.

The massacre in the village of petrishchevo

29 Nov 1941 in a village near Moscow Petrishcheva was executed by the girl, arrested the day before while trying to set fire to the barn. Arrested said that her name was Tanya and she had previously set fire to a German stable with horses, and houses, which housed Nazi soldiers.

Furthermore no information from the girl, the Germans could not be obtained. German officers, irritated by her persistence, he ordered to undress “Tanya” naked and flogged with a belt. The stories of The witnesses, the girl was struck no less than 200 punches. Then about four hours took her in underwear in the cold, she got frostbite of the feet.

About half past ten this morning, “Tanya” taken outside, hanging a sign on his chest “Arsonist of buildings.” The girl led the two soldiers, priderzhivatsya her after the torture she could hardly stand.

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The penalty rounded up the villagers. The Germans filmed on the camera. Before the execution, she said:

— Citizens! You do not stand, see, and need help to fight! This is my death is my achievement!

The Germans tried to silence her, but she spoke again:

— Comrades, we will win. The German soldiers before it’s too late to surrender! The Soviet Union is invincible and will not be defeated!

“Tanya” she climbed up into the box, whereupon it threw the loop. At this point, she again shouted:

— How many of us either hang, all will hang us 170 million. But for me you avenge our comrades!

The German knocked out from under her feet the box.

“It was hung, and she threatened them…”

The corpse of the executed were hung for nearly a month, the Nazis forbade the locals to bury. Drunken soldiers mocked body — stabbed, cut chest.

Finally, it was allowed to bury the “Tanya”.

In January 1942, during the Soviet counterattack petrishchevo village was liberated. But that happened in late November, it became known almost by accident.

During the battle for Mozhaysk group of war correspondents stayed overnight in the survivors of the fire hut of the village of Pushkino. The Pravda correspondent Petr Lidov talked with an elderly farmer returning to his native place, in the area of the Village.

During the occupation the old man was in the Petrishchev and witnessed the execution of the girl. “It was hung, and she the speech. It was hung, and she threatened them…,” said the farmer.

29.11.1941 the Germans tortured and executed Zoya Kosmodem. Performing a combat mission, “to burn in 10 settlements (the order of Stalin No. 428 of 17.11.1941 g)”, was caught by locals when he burned 3 houses in the village of petrishchevo. pic.twitter.com/TWUesldF1t

— War in History (@VojnavIstorii) 29 Nov 2017

“Tanya” was Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

Peter According to the story shocked. He went to petrishchevo, in which he had to visit several times before they were clear of the approximate circumstances of the death of the girl.

27 Jan 1942 in the newspaper “Pravda” appeared essay “Tanya”. The courage of the young heroine and stiffness of the Nazis shocked the readers. Began investigation of the events that occurred in petrishchevo. During the investigation it was found the real girl’s name is Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. 18 Feb 1942 Peter Lidov said new details of the story in the essay “Who was Tanya”.

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of February 16, 1942 for courage and heroism in the fight against the German fascists, Zoya Anatolyevna Kosmodemyanskaya was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously).

The diagnosis of Dr. Bilzho. The sick Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya?

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The story of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya became one of the first documented cases of crimes committed by soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, which became widely known.

Soviet soldiers wrote on the shells, mines and bombs, “Zoe!”. The soldiers wanted to take revenge on the executioners girl.

The executioners of 332 regiment

Soviet intelligence was established in the village of petrischevo housed units 332 th infantry regiment 197 th infantry division. He commanded a regiment Colonel Ludwig Ruderer. According to one version, Ruderer personally participated in the interrogation of Zoe and gave orders for torture. This information, however, has no confirmation. But it is well established that tortured and hanged Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya soldiers and officers 332 th infantry regiment.

Legend has it that Joseph Stalin, after reviewing the case materials about the death of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, gave a special order — officers and soldiers of the 197th division, which included 332 th infantry regiment to take no prisoners.

Whether this was ordered or not, but the executioners Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy really opened a real hunt. As soon As intelligence reported that the Soviet positions deployed the division in the hands of the soldiers whose blood Zoe strikes on the Nazis was applied with special ferocity.

Zoe and Tonya. How to become heroes and traitors

The discovery near Smolensk and the end of the 197th division

In the autumn of 1943 in the battles of Smolensk 197 th infantry division of the Wehrmacht was defeated.

The military correspondent of the newspaper “Forward to the enemy!” major Valleys wrote on 3 October 1943 about the fate of 332 regiment: “In the fighting near the village of Ordino German regiment of executioners zoë was finally defeated. Hundreds of Nazi corpses remained in the ruined bunkers and trenches. When the captive non-commissioned officer of the regiment asked what he knows about the execution of a young partisan, he, trembling with fear, stammered:

— It wasn’t me, it’s Ruderer, Ruderer…

Captured the other day another soldier in the interrogation said that in the 332-m shelf from those who were near Moscow, participated in the execution of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, survived only a few people…”.

There, near Smolensk, was found previously unknown evidence of the massacre of Zoe. In the village of Potapovo during the inspection of the corpse of a German officer was discovered to five photos. Them all the details were captured the penalty girls.

Broken near Smolensk, the division was reorganized by the Nazis, but did not last long. Finally 197 division and its 332 th infantry regiment was defeated in the summer of 1944 during operation “Bagration”.

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The case of General Running

Colonel Ludwig Rugerero was more fortunate. Not only did he survive the war but was a prisoner of the Americans. It is known that he lived until 1960.

In may 1945 in Courland “pot” was captured the commander of the 18th German army General Ehrenfried Running. It was found that in 1942, he commanded the 197th infantry division of the Wehrmacht.

Here is the official document associated with the case Running:

“No. 52/4757, 8 may 1948

Operational Department of WPVI Affairs of the Moscow region conducted the investigation organizer of mass atrocities and the atrocities of the prisoner of war General Running of Ehrenfried, which from February 1942 until February 1943, he commanded the 197th German infantry division.

In the course of the investigation it is established that the personnel of the 332 th infantry regiment of this division in December 1941 in the village of petrischevo Vereisk district of the Moscow region was brutally tortured and hanged Komsomol partisan Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya.

In accordance with the fact that the brutal massacre of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya made the staff of 332 regiment 197th German infantry division, I ask:

1. Give the task to identify the official and intelligence by people in 1941 as part of 332 regiment near the town of Vereya, Moscow region.

2. To interview such persons and take them into active intelligence and investigation developing with the aim of establishing what they know about the hanging of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, who was the organizer and perpetrator of this brutal violence.

Do not rule out that among the prisoners of the regiment are unknown criminals.

The results of Your events must be immediately reported to Operaprima GUPVI MVD USSR.

The Deputy chief of the GUPVI MVD USSR

Lieutenant-General A. Kobulov”

However, at the time of the execution of Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya Run not commanded the 197th division. He took office on 1 April 1942. It is a fact, obviously, and saved the General from being shot.

“Children sacrificed by poison.” Secret documents on Nazi atrocities in the USSR

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January 12, 1949 by the military Tribunal of the troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow region the Race has been sentenced to 25 years in prison on the basis of the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 19 April 1943, No. 39 “On measures of punishment for German-fascist villains guilty of murders and tortures of the Soviet civilian population and red army prisoners, for spies, traitors of the Motherland among Soviet citizens and their accomplices”.

Spent General of his term of six years. 6 October 1955 he was transferred to the authorities of Germany, where he died in 1965. Any comments about the incident, which happened in the village Petrishcheva, he did not give, and took a rage at the mere mention of this topic.

Lieutenant-General Hermann Meyer-Ebingen, commander of 197th infantry division during the battle of Moscow, in the spring of 1942 were withdrawn from the Eastern front and later commanded the reserve units engaged, particularly, in the occupation of France. At the end of the war he was captured by the Western allies, to avoid responsibility for war crimes and died in Germany in the early 1960-ies.

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