Iran has tested rockets for output of satellites into orbit

Mohammad Agah

/ Wikimedia commons

Moscow, July 27 – AIF-Moscow.

Iran successfully tested a carrier rocket “Simurg” to launch spacecraft into orbit, the Agency Press TV.

Internet orbit and space tourism. Ambitious plans Ilona Mask

According to the source, the launch took place from the Space center of Imam Khomeini. It is reported that the center in the last phase of the development will be able to meet the needs of the country for the development of low-earth orbit.

Iran already has a launch vehicle capable to put satellites into orbit. From 2009 to 2012 was performed three successful launches the “Safir-2” satellites on Board. Payload “Safira” is up to 50 kg.

New booster will be able to deliver a 250 kg payload to a height of 500 km.

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