Is there a Polar star is brighter? Participants in the “labs” you know the answer

Photo: organizing Committee of the action “Open laboratory”

The speed of a sunbeam

Come to “the lab” as it is called by the event participants themselves, could anyone from 10 to 110 years. And a shortage of “technicians” was not. The event was traditionally supported by the Ministry of education and science of Russia, the main academic partner is the Russian Academy of Sciences, the fundamental partner, the Russian scientific Fund.

“Indeed, the interest of people is growing, — says the organizer of the scientific-educational campaign, businessman Roman Avdeev. But we still have what to improve and what to develop. Personal feeling from the events — all well and good, because today was not indifferent”.

At the site Mail.Ru the Group was Packed. Students with their parents and grandparents were excited. Charged of the real space food: first, second, dessert — sweet fruit curds. And — to fight. It was especially interesting those who came to test their scientific knowledge for the second time.

Photo: organizing Committee of the action “Open laboratory”

Within half an hour the scholars had to answer all the questions impressive brochures on a variety of fronts. Can move faster than the speed of light, a sunbeam? If the brightest stars in the sky polar? All metals are stronger than wood? Equal if day night in the days of solstice? Anyone faster than the other sun burn at the beach? And much, much more, forcing children and adults to think, analyze and remember.

“Well, that came not only the students, — continues Roman Avdeev. — I also honestly had participated previously in the answers did not look. I think the desire to come to the senior total dictation, a geographical check, or in such laboratory — a sign of a maturing society. To be a scientist, to do science again fashionable and prestigious. In my childhood it was cultivated, and I wanted to be a scientist, then, however, turned out differently, but the interest in science have not disappeared”.

By the way, this year on the issues of “Open laboratory” answered the orphan children and adoptive families — the participants of yet another philanthropic project of Roman Avdeev Fund “Arithmetic good”, the flagship programme which is additional training the orphans in the General education disciplines.

Photo: organizing Committee of the action “Open laboratory”

Experiences from the “salaba”

It is now accepted that today’s children don’t read the polls, have klipovoy thinking and only interested in the Internet. But “Open laboratory” showed that the world children are not indifferent, that the laws of nature and of the cosmos they are interested in just like at their age, they were interested in their grandparents, if not more. Maybe to teach them in the modern world have other ways? Which they live, sociable and open when there is no fear of the unlearned lesson or exam!

It is quite clear that the captivate can only be passionate about. Such as the head of the laboratory of physics of the Polytechnical Museum Alexei Ivanchenko, who teaches serious science is bright and fun without the tediousness and excessive academism. In the lab he analyzed with participants in all tasks, and then demonstrated experience which will definitely not be erased from memory and after which physics becomes the school favorite subject.

Photo: organizing Committee of the action “Open laboratory”

However all the “saulabi” was extraordinary — the leading Russian and foreign scientists, popularizers of science to academics and heads of international laboratories in the best universities.

So, all-Russian scientific-educational campaign this year was open. Our country joined China, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other foreign countries. And no matter who won, a student or academician. We all live together on one planet, all her to learn, to cherish and to love.

Photo: organizing Committee of the action “Open laboratory”

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