Jumper Zakharov took her second medal of the world Cup in Budapest

Diver Ilya Zakharov following the “gold” in sync won the bronze medal of the world championship on water sports in Budapest. This time — in the individual competitions in diving with three-meter springboard. At the 2012 Olympic games in London Ilya was champion in this discipline. Today very happy to present the medals and no one asks about motivation for the future are many, there is power and understanding what to do next.

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Who will win, guess it was difficult. The final brought together the strong and very strong jumpers. Who is Olympic champion in Rio in the individual jumping bronze medalist in sync Chinese Cao yuan? Or Olympic champion in Rio in sync and the silver medal in the individual jumping. Jack Lowe? Maybe bronze medalist at the 2016 Games in the individual ski jumping, world champion 2013 Patrick Hausding? Or catches courage in Hungary after the victory against Evgeny Kuznetsov London Olympic champion in individual jumping silver medallist at the world Championships-2011/2013 Ilya Zakharov? And who knows — perhaps, who took second place at the 2013 world Championships and bronze in 2011 in individual jumps Evgeny Kuznetsov? And what will the Chinese debutant CE Sii, so far only winner of the world Cup, and silver medallist at Budapest in sync?

The final voltage and the skill level will be remembered for a long time. Not sustained, not sustained, allowing the failure of much of the two jumps, one who, according to estimates, was to become the first Olympic champion Cao yuan. China, who allows himself in this championship to lose quite a lot, supported CE Sii. And he cried — whether from happiness, or just survived this battle to the end. But rather the happiness that he survived, despite the failure of the senior companion.

Ilya Zakharov fought. In the fourth jump of the CoE Sii hopped off as much as 20 points ahead. And in the fifth Zakharov performed the jump from a 3.9 degree of difficulty. Ah, the error is not given to the maximum! Ilya after it even left the top three. But the power of the spirit is when the fight until the very last second, until the final movement, evaluated by the judges. In the sixth jump Zakharov “hurt,” Jack Lowe, taking his bronze, almost already received (the second was the German Patrick Hausding).

“If I had a second jump, which I do consistently, and I think one of their crown, and the fifth with the ratio from 3.9 in the semifinals, it would be the silver or even the gold. Wanted to make the sixth jump 100 points, and got 97 points. But I am very glad that have won this award, even with corrections. Have nothing to add, and I know what it is. I’m glad I completed the task for this year. And realized the dream — a record of missed winning the world Cup. The list is closed. And the motivation is, don’t worry”.

Zakharov says that his favorite hobby is Boxing. (The spirit of a boxer, of course, visible from the tower.) There are still hobby — Finance, I mean, interested in understanding how to earn money. He was fond of eSports and tournaments held in Saratov. Helps with friends orphanages.

And after the Olympic games in Rio (the team jumping was not without medals) and I wanted the pool to go. Exactly. Rebooted himself and with the help of colleagues. Now to the fore exposes the main thing — do not dwell on failures. And now it’s a new hobby: I want to collect medals. Collectors word “enough” is unfamiliar. And box to help him!

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