Juventus reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League by beating Tottenham online stream

The playoffs of the Champions League continues to gain momentum, and today, March 7, was played two second-leg match of the 1/8 finals. In the spotlight – an interesting confrontation, Tottenham and Juventus. All the details in our live online broadcast.

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ALL! Incredible match, incredible confrontation! 45 minutes ago Tottenham to the quarter-finals, but goals from Higuain and Dibala”s turned everything on its head! Next steps it was Juventus.

Well, on this we all thank you for following the progress of the fight along with us and see you soon!

90+1` Three minutes added by the arbitrator.

88` cane struck his head on the crossbar, the rebound but the ball in the box!

84` Aaaaaa! In inches from the bar the ball went after hitting Sona!

81` spurs Attack.

78` Chiellini broke the transmission on Kane, but it would be very dangerous!

74` Lamia came on for Dyer.

70` well, well, well, what will meet the English club?

67` interesting popped one on one with the goalkeeper and its not missed – 2:1 comes forward, “Juventus”!


64` the ball in the penalty area and Higuain first to respond to this – 1:1!


60` the Number of changes we have going on.

56` finally, Ali also saw a warning.

53` Chiellini now marked “Garcinia”.

49`, Benatia received a yellow card.

46` the Second half went!

Break! Yeah, well matchie! Both teams look good, but the pressure of Tottenham”s impressive. The result of this became the goal of Sona, thanks to which the hosts lead by a score 1:0. Now Juventus need to open up, and that means only one thing – the fun ahead!

Rest 15 minutes and go back to your seat!

45+1` Two minutes added by the referee.

44` That’s crept up the end of the first half.

41` a Very good Tottenham attack with a penalty corner pass to the center and Sleep in one touch sends the ball past Buffon to make it 1-0!


39` Immediate counter-attack “spurs”, Sleep walked Chiellini and shot into the far corner, inches from the rod!

36` another yellow card – Sandro.

33` Kane’s powerful shot again and forced Buffon to show their skills!

30` Vertonghen received a yellow card.

27` a short break the teams in pace.

24` Dream beat head – Buffon in the game!

21` we’ve got a fun football went – on a collision course.

17` Fell the player of Juventus in the penalty area, Tottenham seemed 100% a penalty, but the judge is silent!

13` Kane was in front of strangers of the gate, but a little confused in my own actions and missed the point!

10` First corner in the performance of the home team is not very dangerous.

8` higuaín sensitive not reached the canopy in the penalty area!

4` Now and Buffon had to come into play and help his team!

1` the Match has started, Poehali!

0` According to tradition, start with the starting compositions:

Tottenham: The Lloris, Trippier, Vertonghen, D. Sanchez, B. Davis, Dyer, Dembele, Allie, Eriksen, Sleep, Kane.

Juventus: Buffon, Chiellini, Benatia, Sandro, Bartali, Khedira, Matuidi, Pjanic, Douglas Costa, Dibala, Higuain.

0` Hello-Hello ladies and gentlemen, big and small football fans! Welcome to the match of 1/8 final of the Champions League!

The first match between Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur FC held three weeks ago and it turned out extremely exciting. In 9 minutes, the Italian team led with the score 2:0 thanks to a double from Gonzalo Higuain, but the British found the strength to turn the tide of the match.

Before the break, one ball played to Harry Kane, after Higuain scored another penalty in the second half, Christian Eriksen gave spurs a draw on the road. Result 2:2 – fully satisfied with Tottenham before the second game.

Juventus will have to open up in England and go on the attack, because he needs to score. But at any time the hosts can themselves be different – Cain shows it visually in almost every match. In General, in a pair, which from the outset was seen favorite, everything changed upside down and it will be very interesting to see what all eventually end.

Can Juve go next? Or Tottenham will present a kind of sensation? The answers to these and many other questions will know very soon: our live webcast will start at 22:45 Moscow time!

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