Kadyrov is ready to leave the post of head of Chechnya for the protection of the mosques in Jerusalem

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Moscow, July 27 – AIF-Moscow.

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in his channel in the Telegram commented on the situation around the ancient mosque al-Aqsa in Jerusalem and the Temple mount itself, where is this religious Shrine.

In mid-July, after the attack on the police on the Temple mount, the Israeli authorities stepped up security measures that sparked protests by Arab-Muslim community. This forced the Israeli government to make concessions and to cancel a number of additional adopted measures.

The Jerusalem massacre. As the crusaders pillaged the Holy city in the name of Christ

However, on Thursday evening, July 27, near the Temple mount, according to The Independent, there have been further clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police. Guards used stun grenades and tear gas, injured 37 people.

Kadyrov said he was ready to resign of the head of Chechnya and the rest of my life to protect the al-Aqsa mosque to serve in those structures that ensure the safety “of this Holy Moslem places.”

The politician said that he opposes the use of terrorism as an “instrument of political struggle, directed against the Muslim population”. To avoid this conflict, he proposed to transfer all rights to the mosque of Jordan, as the king of this country is the guardian of the shrines of Jerusalem.

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