Karjakin said about the possibility of doping in chess

The famous chess player Sergey Karjakin, who in 2016, claimed the title of world champion, spoke about the relevance of the topic of doping in his sport. According to Karjakin, with Magnus Carlsen their tested for illegal drugs during classroom confrontation.

photo: pixabay.com

Sergey Karjakin claimed the chess crown in 2016 when you got together with Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. At the end of the dramatic confrontation between the world champion Carlsen still remains, but this month – 10 28 Mar – Karjakin will once again participate in the candidates tournament to try to win the right again to meet with Magnus.

In anticipation of this Karyakin and remembered that testing for illegal drugs.

“At the world Cup in new York we Carlsen really passed the test. The doping is possible in chess – there are drugs that stimulate the brain” – quoted by TASS in a row. also, the player added that the biggest issue are computer tips, which need a closer fight.

In addition, he noted that because of the “insane attack” on the Russian athletes he has to think not about chess, but about how he can drink certain pills in cases of colds or not.

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