“Kokorin frustrated”: the expert commented on another scandal with the football player

New details acquires the celebration of the wedding halfback Samara “wings of the Soviets” Alan Chochiev. In a Network there was video on which the halfback of CSKA Alan Dzagoev and the striker “Zenith” Alexander Kokorin dance lezginka.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

But stirred the information space, as we know, the famous dance of the Caucasian people, and one more traditional element of such celebrations – shooting guns in the air. Performed by Kokorin. Previously, photos and videos with two guns forward of the Petersburg club has published in his Instagram.

It does not harm the action of the player of team Russia? the reputation of our country and his own reputation? Thoughts about it with “MK” shared honored master of sports, legendary football player and coach Anzor, Kavazashvili:

– I will tell you as a true horseman. I am originally from Georgia. In the North Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, when there are celebrations for centuries was made mandatory dancing lezginka with daggers, swords, shooting in the air with pistols and shotguns. It has always been. It is a symbol of greeting of the bride and bridegroom, the desire of well-being. But as I remember these stories, never heard of these shots hit someone.

Kokorin is a talented young boy who does not become a Mature person, despite the fact that his neck is so often a controversial claim in his “easy behavior” in society – something with champagne, then with something else… he suddenly picks up again and puts himself in social networks, the Internet, photographed or asks someone to put out on display. Apparently, he’s not mad as a young man. Usually these things famous people do. What can I say? Young and stupid. This is my assessment of his behavior. If he did not show it, no one would now not to point fingers, not in the papers, not interviewed. To condemn him for this thing, I can’t, just he didn’t have to spread it in social networks. As to Russian national team it has no relation at all. The team here at anything.

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