Krushelnitsky refused a hearing at the CAS in doping case

Russian curler Alexander krushelnitsky made a statement in which he said that waives a hearing in court of arbitration for Sport, where I had to deal with the case of detecting in the sample at the Olympics in Pyeongchang Meldonium. With even a few hours ago, the press attaché of the delegation of Olympic athletes from Russia (OAR) Konstantin Vybornov has confirmed the participation of the athlete in meeting CAS. which was scheduled for 8:00 GMT on 22 February.

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“After weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to abandon the hearing at CAS regarding my situation. I believe that in the framework of the existing rules is useless and meaningless” – a statement on Wednesday evening made the Russian curler Alexander krushelnitsky.

“For my part, I recognize that a formal violation of existing anti-doping rules”. as pointed out by the athlete, adding that it is foolish to deny the presence in the body of a prohibited substance, which is confirmed by the results of the two samples.

He also stressed that he was ready for verdict, “which in such cases, predictably the same.”

At the same time, the athlete emphasizes that now he intends to do everything in his power to the investigation were found irrefutable evidence of his innocence.

“This will depend on the subsequent decision of the world Curling Federation, which is competent to determine the terms of disqualification for doping cases,” – said in a statement.

The Agency TASS reported that he had received this text from the head of the delegation of the Olympic team athletes from Russia’s Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

We will remind that earlier krushelnitsky, in another statement, published on the website of the Russian Curling Federation said that never in the time that I played sports had never used illicit drugs, detection of Meldonium was a shock for him and so he is more interested in conducting a speedy investigation to ascertain the causes of the incident.

Apparently, the Russian side has decided to wait for the results of these investigations, to have something to go to CAS. May today be presented in court, nothing.

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