“Leave me alone”: skater Medvedev commented on his departure

Two-time world figure skating champion Russian Evgeny Medvedev asked journalists to leave her coach Eteri Tutberidze alone. On the eve it became known about the desire of the athletes to play for other country.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

“Dear journalists, calm down! The news is that today I saw on the Internet, brought me to a screeching halt. Do not invent what is not. Get busy! Leave me and my coach. We continue to work”, – quoted Medvedev, the website of the Federation of figure skating of Russia (ffkr).

Behalf ffkr said that “outraged by the attempt of some media to use and distribute the “fake” information,” thus destabilizing the situation in the Russian national team before the world Cup in Italy, which will be held in Milan from 19 to 25 March.

5 March, it was reported that 18-year-old Medvedev expressed his desire to play for another country. According to the publication of the SNC, the skater has a conflict with Tutberidze.

At the Olympic games in Korea Medvedev lost the gold medal 15-year-old compatriot Aline Sagitova.

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