Legendary swimmer Phelps lost a swimming white shark

The unusual race took place in basin city Mosselbay in South Africa. In the speed and power competed 23-time Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps and white. At a distance of 100 meters American athlete, nicknamed the Flying Fish once, lost predator 2 seconds (compared to 36.1 and 38.1).

In fairness I must say that Phelps competed with the shark himself. And the issue of security was not the only one. To force the fish to swim linearly quite problematic. In computer language, the athlete fought with her offline. In order to reduce water resistance the swimmer put on special, imitating shark skin wetsuit with the “tail fin” — monophenol. At the end of the swim he wrote in his microblog: “Revenge? Next time… if the water is warmer”.

It turns out that a 32-year-old champion long been interested in sharks. “I’m something like a shark’s fan — Phelps said in an interview after an impromptu competition. — Know a lot about them and always wanted to dive with the white shark. I told my wife I want to do it without a cage. She said, “we Have a family. I don’t think that will happen.” And that was actually very cool. The nose of a great white shark was right in my face. Awesome!”

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“The Olympic champion vs white shark: a speed competition”


The project was organized by a famous TV channel in the framework of the Week of sharks. Popular science programmes will be aired daily from 24 to 30 July and will provide the sharks with an unusual side: tell about the lives of these terrible and mysterious inhabitants of the deep sea, will present the results of the latest Oceanographic research, and introduce viewers to remarkable facts about sharks. Michael Phelps will appear in two episodes of, one of which was filmed in the Bahamas.

Recall that Phelps has declared end of sports career after the Olympic games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. At the Olympics in Brazil, the athlete surpassed the historical achievement of Leonidas of Rhodes by the number of individual titles. Medalist the I century BC, ascended to the highest step of the podium 12 times, but Phelps managed to win one gold medal more. 13 top awards from the 23 individual.

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