Lidia Ivanova: “Who benefited from the boycotts of the Olympic games in Moscow and Los Angeles?”

For the younger generation of Lidia Ivanova, a beautiful journalist that his reporting makes you fall in love with gymnastics people absolutely far from sports. For those who are older, — famous Soviet athlete and the wife of the legendary footballer Valentin Kozmich Ivanov, whose name is forever linked with the national team of the USSR and the Moscow team “torpedo”. In 2017, saw the light of her autobiographical book, written in collaboration with journalist Alexander Kobelyatsky. About this premiere, and not only Lydia Gavrilovna has told “MK”.

— I am impressed. Just yesterday we remembered the success of the magical three seconds in the Games of the Olympiad in Munich 1972. Basketball finals pass, Edeshko Belov… It was a transcendental moment, and it is right that 45 years we remember it, collect those involved in the victory of those who are still with us.

However, the end of this year brought me a lot of pain. I’m a professional athlete, another kind of activity didn’t and I’m scared to realize that now raises the question of admission of Russian athletes at the Olympics. I don’t really imagine that a great sporting nation (sorry for the political turnover) was not represented at the Games. Without Russia it is a defective competition, the Olympics cheaper, second-class, if you want. Surely we have done something wrong or made mistakes. But let’s still get the point?

If now the decision of the IOC declared our tolerance, we must understand that we will not act under a flag of truce, as many say, but under the flag of the Olympic family. We’ve already brought up: the highest achievement for any athlete — this is the final of the Olympic competitions and the pedestal. If we fulfill all the conditions of the IOC, on the last day of this Korean Olympic parade will pass under the flag of Russia. I want to believe it and to wait for the results. Let everything reset! Let us fulfill all the requirements, even if they are sometimes unpleasant, overpriced. But we all were exhausted. And on the eve of New year I wish to my home country never raised the question of admission to the Game. Neither for this generation nor the next. And pass some of these Games is a disaster for the country. The stop-cock.

— The history of the Lausanne almost split society. Someone even spoke of humiliation — to drive in such conditions at the Olympic winter games…

It is not demeaning. I speak as an athlete. Man’s whole life invested in it to participate. And you need to understand that the second attempt may not be! This is not an election to lose: think, five years later, the abdomen grew, it became more and more impressive — took revenge. Athletes have too little time. So either today, or never. The more our team is not going to Korea impersonal. Will declare the names, all indicate that athletes competing from Russia. And I wish all the guys and girls of easy start. After a moment of luck in the sport is always present. You can win thousands, something to solve a photo finish… But that does not mean that the gold medalist is supersportler, and the second, who followed, worse. Just at that moment one was more fortunate. Let our delegation in Korea will fulfill all, if not a very pleasant environment set for the team. Then we will go on a new track.

— You had to see the incomplete Olympic games. What was it like?

— Yes, there was the 1980 Moscow, and after 4 years — Los Angeles, when countries exchanged boycotts. And tell me: who won? Not to look biased, I remember an American gymnast. He told me: “my life stopped…” It’s not just words, I saw the sorrow in his eyes. Although with regard to the organization of the Moscow Olympics, it’s still a holiday. In spite of that, we have the highest culture of the competition. The country is big, a lot of miracles. And I’m not for a moment doubt that the football world Cup, which we will take in 2018, our main event will be held at the same highest level, despite all the pitfalls, publications, Internet videos… Our guests will see the reality all the most upscale.

— What can the masters of the world championship from the point of view of sports results?

— Their own language speaking group in the first stage — “checkpoint.” I wish our players to come out of her, and not just of the “Luzhniki”, as I recently joked to the RFU. Want players showed his teeth, played good football at home. What about “do not criticize, do not scold” notice: it is men, not ladies. They are expected to win like no one as ever. Their love is true. And they need to return.

This year my book came out “Ivanov. The story of The famous sports family, is experience, narrated by Olympic champion Lidia Ivanova,” where I was not going to reinvent the wheel, but simply told as I could about our lives. I often asked questions as the wife of a legendary football player and coach, sometimes shifting to today’s realities: what I think? I don’t think. Compare football today with the game in the days of Lev Yashin and Valentina Ivanova is impossible. We, the children of the postwar years, lived on a lean diet. We are very appreciated with any victory, any purchase. Today’s players have their own story.

The book isn’t about gymnastics and not about football…

— Me in due time there came journalists from Japan and asked me to tell you about Valentina Ivanova. I answered that Pro football is unlikely to be able to tell. But they were interested in what it was. We lived together for 53 years, he was an amazing devotee of football. So much so that I as a woman was not going to compete with his profession for the championship. It would be foolish of me. Football is his life, his happiness and unhappiness simultaneously. But he chose a mate from the world of sports, choose long. And since we met, even without being honored sportsmen, it turns out, all his growth happened at my eyes. Not only of Valentin, but the whole team of people from the mischievous boys turned into men.

— You were the wife of a football player and then coach…

When he became coach, the brand did not change the gait. Similarly, selflessly given to football. But really it was two different lives, and I myself have been in two forms. There were meetings after a defeat was a sleepless night. I had to find ways to distract, to balance… we Know also that if you lose, blame the coach, and if he wins goes to all, except the coach. And we all have lived these many years.

In the book I talk about his love of family, children. We have a great heirs, such as grandchildren and great-great-grandson, who, alas, Vale failed to see. In the book I sing the popular athlete in relation to the woman. I was an Olympic champion, a man known. And did not want his background to be a grey kitten, all the while fighting for their own “I”. I was waiting for him, and he, too, had. Valentin Kozmich have graced my life. I am pleased that he is remembered that he established an annual tournament, it’s nice that people come to the cemetery Vagankovsky. Valentin Ivanov was considered a national hero. This book is about our life.

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