Mara Baghdasaryan complained to Putin on the court and bailiffs

Valery Melnikov

/ RIA Novosti

Moscow, 28 June – AIF-Moscow.

Mara Baghdasaryan appealed to the presidential administration of the Russian Federation with the complaint to the court and the bailiffs, said her lawyer David Kemularia.

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“We filed a complaint against the actions of the judge and bailiff. Threaten us, saying that Maru is arrested in any case”, – quotes the lawyer of RIA Novosti.

Kemularia noted that while not addressed in law enforcement bodies on the fact of threats, as counting on the President. The response from the administration is expected in about a week.

On Monday, he was arrested for truancy compulsory work to which she was sentenced for numerous traffic violations. Consideration of the administrative case in which stritreysera facing 15 days of arrest, was to consider Monday, but the judge brought him back for deficiencies.

Baghdasarian was sentenced to 595 hours of obligatory works and 183 thousand virtually any of a penalty following consideration of the 72 administrative Affairs. The girl also was arrested three times by 10, 14 and 15 days.

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