Media said who will pay the full new year’s “13th salary”

New year award in 2017 would pay their employees even less companies than in the previous year. How to write “Vedomosti” with reference to the portal a survey of 151 companies, only 31% of employers ready to pay such premiums, and 24% – around 10% of salary. In 2016, these were at least slightly, but more — 34%, and then pay 30% of salary.


The traditional “thirteenth salary” is willing to charge only 6% of employers, according to the material. It is noted that this is a company with strong traditions of Soviet times and the company is steadily receiving orders. High payouts are expected in the IT industry, trading, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas and banking sector.

The interviewed experts say that most companies will pay bonuses to ordinary employees, and bonuses of top managers will be decided only at the end of the fiscal year — until March-April.

In General, the trend of decrease of the pre-new year payments and a decrease in the number of companies willing to implement them, the interviewed experts associated with the economic situation in Russia: consumer demand is low, there are segments in which it even decreases. Many companies Profit falls with rising costs, and they end the year worse than expected.

Earlier in the Ministry of labor noted that while there are positive developments on the part of the payment of delayed wages to complain about this problem the Russians frequently.

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