MegaFon: to abolish roaming charges in Russia for two weeks is impossible

The company “Megaphone” called the impossible requirement of the FAS to the Russian cellular companies in the next two weeks to abolish the domestic roaming charges.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As stated Thassa operating Director “the Megaphone” Anna Serebryakova, “we wonder why FAS has taken such a tough stance and has issued warning statements in the form of an ultimatum. We believe that the fulfillment of this warning is impossible in time”.

In that case, if the antitrust Agency will claim to the company, they promised to answer them in court.

Serebryakova recalled that the process of the abolition of roaming charges within the EU took several years.

She explained that the immediate abolition of roaming charges will lead the company to losses at several billion virtually any, which will be nothing to compensate, while, according to her, in a similar situation, there are other cellular companies of Russia, which, however, does not intend to submit to FAS a class action lawsuit.

Other operators on the question of TASS on the prospects of the abolition of roaming charges is not answered.

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