NASA will install the ISS sensor space debris

Moscow, July 28 – AIF-Moscow.

NASA will install on the external surface of the ISS space debris sensor. This was reported in the new report by the American society for blockage of near-earth space. The sensor is planned to start in the cargo compartment of SpaceX”s Dragon spacecraft 13 in November of this year.

Unmanaged piece of iron. Who is responsible for “space debris”?

“After the capsule will be docked with the ISS robotic arm will remove the sensor from the vehicle compartment and is attached to the external surface of the Columbus module”, – explained in the document.

At the station, the sensor will be three years, capturing space debris smaller than 1 mm. Then it will return to the Earth.

The obtained data professionals intend to use to update the computer model of the distribution of space debris in earth orbit.

According to NASA, now there are more than 21 thousands of fragments of space technology larger than 10 cm, and about 500 thousand particles in the size range 1 to 10 cm the number of particles smaller than 1 cm exceeds 100 million units.

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