Natalia Kuznetsova: “the Time to buy capital estate”

Time does not stand still and real estate market, too. Today, this segment has a unique situation when even the most sophisticated buyer can find your dream apartment, high quality and affordable price. If you are thinking of purchasing apartment in a new house, now is a good time to take up the case. The General Director of Agency of real estate “Bon Ton” Natalia Kuznetsova tells our readers why you should not postpone this question indefinitely.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Academy “Bon Ton”.

By the end of 2017, we fit such changes on the market of new buildings of the capital, which completely change the “picture of the world.” First of all, lower prices. Current trends have led to the fact that those buyers who previously relied only on an apartment in the suburbs, today in roughly the same budget can afford to buy a quality new home in Moscow, near the third transport ring. Many will say that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap: if the apartment in the capital is inexpensive, then something is not right here. But this is confusion. Justify your position.

First, now on the market an unprecedented number of proposals. Since the beginning of this year appeared in the sale of 2.8 million square meters of housing. More than half of this – new to the mass segment, that is quite affordable. Naturally, this exceeds the existing demand. In this situation, do the developers? Right. Like any other normal seller (no matter in what area, be it furniture, electronics or flats) in an atmosphere of high competition, trying not to screw up the price and make your product better, to give more attractive to the buyer characteristics, to wrap in a nice package, and in addition more and give a related product.

Here and in the real estate market right now, a similar situation occurs.

Prices for new buildings comfort class in comparison with last year grew on average by only 5 %, somewhere more, somewhere less, depending on the project. And preconditions to their high growth in the near future no.

On the contrary, developers are coming up with various promotions and discount programs. Moreover, the new year period they are most reasonable and can reach 30% from cost of an apartment.

Demand not only stimulates action, but the real gifts, the cost of which is comparable to a big discount on the apartment. For example, Parking place or finish as a gift. Some LCD went even further and give customers a whole room. For example, in the complex “Khoroshevskaya”, the developer when you purchase two-bedroom apartments, the smallest of the rooms (except dressing) counts as a gift.

Improving quality of projects. Want gorgeous views of the Moscow river, a private waterfront and Park steps from home? Please! In a residential neighborhood “Home” from virtually any 3.8 million. you will be available. Prefer to live in the conceptual neighborhood where every yard is imbued with its own environment, to have “under Windows” football field, a tennis Academy, a school of Olympic reserve, and still live near the centre? There are projects (LCD SREDA, from 4,37 mln.)

No less important factor is the increasing availability of mortgages. To date, more than half (and in some projects and more than 80 %) of purchases made in the mortgage. And programs now, as they say, “for every taste and color”: without an initial payment, with reduced or subsidized interest rate (5 % per annum) and so on. Initiatives in recent times are the government and the President to support young families and families with two or more children to subsidize mortgage rates at the state level, will also bear fruit.

With such conditions, mortgage loan payment comparable to the monthly rent for the rented apartment. In my opinion, the choice is obvious: if the amounts are equal, it is better to pay for your than rental housing.

And last but not the least powerful argument – in the current environment of instability in the exchange rate long-term real estate investment, as before, remain a reliable instrument of saving. The return on investments in apartment above (if correctly to choose a project), than on deposits in the largest banks, which currently offer no more than 10% per annum on deposits in virtually any for a year. In addition, Moscow was and remains the center of attraction for many. The real estate segment has already experienced difficult times, but he always played his position.

Project declarations can be found on the official website of the seller OOO “BON TON” LCD “Khoroshevsky” (LLC “Monarch-UKS”), the district of “Home” (JSC “Mosstroysnab”), LCD SREDA (“VTS stroyekspo”).

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