Nemtsov”s daughter appealed the verdict in the murder of his father

The investigative Committee of Russia

Moscow, July 21 – AIF-Moscow.

The daughter of politician Boris Nemtsov Jeanne appealed the verdict in the murder of her father.

Who was found guilty of the murder of Boris Nemtsov?

She asked to retrain actions of those convicted of this crime under article 277 (an encroachment on life public or political figure) the criminal code of the Russian Federation, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the lawyer Olga Mikhailova.

In its appeal, Nemtsov asks to cancel the sentence and send the case for re-training attorney.

Last week the Moscow military court, according to venectomy the jury verdict, found guilty of the murder of a politician five people, including the killer Zaur Dadaev and his accomplices, and sentenced them to prison terms from 11 to 20 years.

The sentence was imposed under article 105 (murder) of the criminal code. While the article 277 of the criminal code establishes a higher minimum threshold of punishment. That is, in the case of diversion accomplices can receive the big time.

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