New data on the gap between rich and poor became sensational

In anticipation of the international economic forum in Davos, Oxfam released another study about the material stratification in society. It turned out that 82% of all the wealth of the world owns 1% of the inhabitants of the Earth: for the year assets of the wealthiest people in the world increased by $762 billion Another sensation: in 2017, a record increase in the number of dollar billionaires in history — in the world, they became 2043 human.

As noted by Oxfam, the total wealth of billionaires in 2010 increased by 13% and increased it to 6 times faster than the conventional salary of the working population. The authors of the report explain that the wealthy inhabitants of the Earth have become rich in part due to the worsening conditions and wages of workers and employees. While the simple hard workers, cut wages, payments to shareholders only increased, according to the study.

As stated by Executive Director of Oxfam Winnie Byanyima, the increasing number of billionaires means no economic growth, and the failure of the system: those who sews clothes, repairing of car, collects coffee plantations, exploited for the sake of creating a flow of cheap goods and the enrichment of large corporations. He cited the fact that Vietnam workers-seamstresses months without seeing their children, and employees of poultry farms in the US are forced to come to work in diapers, because they are forbidden to go to the bathroom during a shift. The General Director of this plant is that it takes more days to earn the annual salary of their average employee.

Note, in last year’s report, Oxfam said that the capital of the eight richest people in the world and 50% of the population was equal, amounting to a total of $426 billion of this money concentrated in the hands of 3.6 billion ($118 each), and the same for bill gates, Amancio Ortega, Warren Buffett, Carlos slim, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and Michael Bloomberg combined. Not accidentally experts of the Davos forum the problem of social inequality is recognize almost the most relevant among 50 global risks. To overcome the monstrous income gap, they propose a series of measures by the state: equal distribution of the tax burden, investing in free healthcare, public services and education.

As noted by doctor of Economics Igor Nikolaev, the catastrophic bundle of income can lead to social disasters: it demotivates people, leads to stress, affect productivity and business in General. As for Russia, where, according to estimates, 10% of rich people own 46% of national income, differentiation is largely the fault of the state, says Nikolaev. “Most top managers live by the principle “to snatch here and now”, and the state could more fairly distribute income such as high prices of raw materials, in favor of the poor, but does not”, — the expert believes.

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