New Olympic outfit of the Russians was made in Turkey

A significant part of the elements of the new uniform of the Russian Olympic team was made abroad — in Turkey, RBC found. In addition, the shoes for sportsmen has been manufactured by Adidas and not by domestic companies.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Recall that the new form now undertook to put the company Zasport Anastasia Zadorina previously gained fame through t-shirts “do Not tell my Iskanders.

A Journalist of RBC, which received a sample of the equipment at the presentation, I saw on the towels says “Made in Turkey”, despite the fact that, according to previous assurances Zadorinki, the company was going, “to the extent possible, as do all his forces in Russia.” With the exception of the one she called “components is” like plastic wheels for suitcases.

However, now it turned out that in Russia was made only a t-shirt, swimwear swimming trunks, and parts of costumes, towels, backpacks, bags and the rest of the products were given on production in Turkey. The explanations of the Manager Zasport, there was a “quality production”, although the design was made in Russia.

Similar situation was with sneakers: it turned out that “in three months it is impossible to create high-quality shoes,” although in the company and assure that in 2018 and its products will already be fully English. In Zasport explained that are realistic and “everything takes a certain time”.

We will add that earlier Meduza Zadorin noted that “has a stake in PJSC “Corporation “Baikal”, the Board of Directors of the company is Roman Zolotov — a namesake of the son of the head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov”.

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