North Korea launched a ballistic missile towards Japan

North Korea has once again launched a ballistic missile. According to the Japanese side, she fell in the waters of the Exclusive economic zone of the country. The rocket rose to a height of 3 thousand km

Photo: Jo Yong Hak / Reuters

North Korea proceeded with the launch of an unidentified rocket, said on its website Japanese TV channel NHK, citing government sources. Subsequently, this information channel was confirmed by the Ministry of defense of Japan.

The chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yoshihide Suga at a press conference said that the rocket flew for about 45 minutes and apparently fell into the waters of the Japanese Exclusive economic zone. No reports of damage to Japanese side has not received, he added. Previously, the defense Ministry of Japan called the same hypothetical place of falling of the rocket.

Suga has described the rocket launch by the DPRK as a direct violation of the resolutions of the UN security Council and stated that Japan protests.

The Pentagon, in turn, found that the launched missile is ballistic, reports Reuters. According to the U.S. Department of defense, the launch occurred at 23:45 Tokyo time (17:45 GMT). Reuters calls this the start of the DPRK, “an unusual night test”.

The representative of the Ministry of defense of Japan stated on NHK that the missile could climb to a height of more than 3 thousand km Running the last time the North Korean rocket, according to the Washington rose to a height of 2.8 thousand km, while the U.S. military admitted that she could fly to Alaska.

The missile is likely to be Intercontinental, according to the military of South Korea, reports Yonhap. According to them, she rose to a height of 3.7 thousand km and flew over 1 thousand.

The source channel also said that the missile was launched before noon Tokyo time (18:00 MSK). The Ministry of transport of Japan sent out a warning to aircraft on the missile launch at 23:53 (17:53 MSK).

Since the government came to the view that North Korea launched a rocket, was scheduled for an urgent meeting with the responsible Ministers.

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That North Korea could launch a new rocket during the week, CNN TV channel with reference to the data representative of the Ministry of defense reported on July 25.

Then U.S. intelligence discovered the vehicle in coson in the North West province”s Do, which transported the equipment to launch ballistic missiles.

The last launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile “And 14″, the DPRK conducted July 4 at 3:40 MSK from the landfill in the province”s Do. The DPRK stated that the rocket reached a height of 2802 km and 933 km flew. the Missile flew for about 40 minutes.

In mid-July, the U. S. in response to the launch of a ballistic missile tested missile defense system THAAD. The system shot down a target in a ballistic medium-range missiles, designed as an analogue of North Korean missiles.

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