Not a single pipe. Russia will export a virtual reality?

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This convinced the correspondent of “AIF” an exhibition of audio-visual and communication equipment and technologies at InfoComm MEA in Dubai. Group of companies Russian export center presented the number of companies of non-oil sector.

Would be one big VR

“We’re going on an exciting journey through the most magnificent country in the world. We show our wildlife as you’ve never seen her. Turn left, now look down. You see spherical video. This means that you can move in all directions, and protected gems of Russia will be around you.”

Virtual reality. The cardboard from Google and popular 6 VR glasses

Now around me the Islands of Kandalaksha reserve. And after a few seconds I am standing on the rocky shore of the Barents sea, exactly in the middle of a bird market. Turning his head, from all sides yelling guillemots and gulls. But here I find myself on the sandy shores of Lazovsky nature reserve in the Primorye region. Hear the roar of the tiger, and I nervously turn around, but the shore is, thankfully, empty. Before my eyes floating letters and numbers is information about the place where I am and the kinds of animals and plants that live here. I was flying over a herd of Buffalo in the Yakutian steppes, flying along the river Lena and its famous pillars (cliffs so close that it seems you can get them by hand), hang over Kamchatka volcano and the valley of geysers, where the leg pairs planet is literally breathing. I was floating in endless (you can verify this by turning his head in all directions) Lotus fields in the Volga Delta. And finally be in a national Park elk island, where two steps away from me eats hay from the trough of the moose.

“How was the journey?” — smiling Anton Zhdanovwhen I stop rotating the chair, remove the virtual reality glasses and headphones. Five years ago, he, a photographer-naturalist is, along with another by Andrey Kamenev has created digital publishing to gather at one place all the photos and videos on the nature of Russia. Over time, the partners began to develop other lines of business, including shoot spherical video (or, as it is called, the video 360°).

“Remember when the first digital cameras, all admired: “my God, awesome!” — says Anton Zhdanov. — Then, the same enthusiasm sounded about digital video. Predictions are these: video content will become more and more, and in the next 10 years it will somehow be transformed, to bring the consumer the same “wow-effect”. Now the effect is 360 videos. In fact, it is the creation of virtual reality (VR), and she has a lot of applications”.

For example, you can test and train employees. You wear a virtual reality helmet, get into some kind of environment and there do the job (looking for errors, choose options). You can shoot a training video for schools and universities. And the project “precious pearls” were made specifically in the year of the environment — anyone can download the app on your smartphone to get the VR-glasses and watch movies on Russian reserves, feeling the effect of its presence in them.

Visiting the king. As the Hermitage was filming a movie in virtual reality

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Now VR 360° — one of the main technological trends. Growing demand for headsets spherical video, eventually they will find application in the consumer market. Compact camera with all-round visibility can be used anywhere: for example, to place it in the box of the theatre or the Museum hall, and millions of people will watch from home or the premiere of a unique exhibition. You can pin it on a tank, participating in the Victory Parade (it already does RT), or set at the biathlon track. Finally, you can remove the camera-360° family vacations and travel, and it will be the most realistic memories.

“I’m sure VR glasses will be unique to each person, like a mobile phone. They will be personal devices, — says Anton Zhdanov. — When on roads there will be unmanned vehicles, drivers have hands free, and they will have something to do. The main pastime for them will be videos 360°. It is necessary now to accommodate this huge demand.”

The black square in 3D

The Russian stand is a group of Arabs in traditional white robes-Mandurah. Arabs look at fancy speakers. Music pours from nowhere (speakers facing each other, this is the secret), the music becomes three-dimensional and omnipresent. The Arabs clicked his tongue. One of them tries to say after Andrei Korolevym, Director of the resident company of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, the word “interpolation of video and counteraperture acoustics”. Komolov laughs.

Knows all in the face. As recognition technology will change our lives

“These scary words mean completely new principles of formation of image and sound — he explains to me. — We have the patents of Russia and USA, which provide the projection image is very high contrast in the light. I emphasize that this usually have to darken the room, we were able to achieve contrast it with the lights on. It is possible to come close to the screen and not see the pixel — the picture will not crumble. And we won the flickering — you can spend hours looking at the screen and eye strain. Well, the sound. To come up with something new in the acoustics difficult. But we managed. The sound is not a vector, scalar, volumetric, as in nature”.

The use of these technologies for home theaters, interactive whiteboards for education, training simulators with a perfect image of any shape, and Museum installations.

“It could be a three-dimensional image. Saw “Black square” by Malevich in 3D? — tries to find out Komolov. — Very different looks. You can approach it close and long look at this solid volume a square. More precisely, it will be a cube.”

InfoComm MEA for the third exhibition of the group of companies of the Russian export centre in the UAE dedicated to high technology. The markets of the Middle East and Africa are considered to be promising. “Local business and the authorities show great interest in Russian equipment, especially that which is connected with machine intelligence, recognition systems, safety, — says the head of the group Peter Fradkov. — We intend to create in the UAE a hub of innovative Russian companies. Seven domestic manufacturers have confirmed their participation in it on a regular basis.”

Robot to help you. As artificial intelligence benefits people

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Any country, living exclusively due to export of natural resources, by the mid-twenty-first century is likely to be on the side of civilization, having fallen on macroeconomic indicators at the end of the list. Upcoming on all fronts of the fourth industrial revolution leaves no chance to those who are “sitting on a pipe” and begins to develop high technology. Fortunately, about Russia to say anymore.

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